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What are the five main characteristics of echinoderms?
w. spiny skin
2. an endoskeleton
3. a five part body with radial symmetry
4. a water vascular system
5. tube feet
What are five examples of echinoderms?
starfish, sand dollars, sea urachins, feather stars, sea lilies, and sea cucumber
What are three functions of an echinoderm's water vascular system?
carries food and oxygen internally through the body
removes wastes,
aids in movement or locomotion
Describe how a starfish would feed on a clam.
Tube feet grasp the shell with suction action. This creates a tremendous force that opens the shell. The starfish then drops its stomach through its mouth into the clam and begins digesting it.
Why is cutting up a starfish and throwing it back inot the ocean an ineffective way of reducing a population of starfish?
Starfish can regenerate from a single arm and part of its central disk. Therefore more starfish develop from one that is thrown back into the ocean.