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Excipio - expicere
To welcome
Ascendo - ascendere
To climb
Cado - cadere
To fall
Consulo - consulere
to consult
Curro - currere
To run
Coquo - coquere
To cook
Descendo - descendere
To climb down
Surgo - surgere
To rise
Duco - ducere
To lead
Gemo - gemere
To groan
Scribo - scribere
To write
Lego - legere
To read
Peto - petere
To seek
Trado - tradere
To hand over
Arripo - arripere
To snatch
Repello - repellere
To drive off
Conspicio - conspicere
To catch sight of
Reprehendo - reprehendere
To blame