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surgo, surgere
to get up
trado, tradere
to hand over
arripo, arripere
to grap
conspicio, conspicere
to catch sight of
faco, facere
to do, to make
expico, expicere
to welcome
curro, currere
to run
scribo, scribere
to write
cado, cadere
to fall
peto, petere
to look for, to seek
ascendo, ascendere
to climb up
coquio, coquere
to cook
reprehendo, reprehendere
to blame, to scold
repello, repelere
to drive off
lego, legere
to read
descendo, descendere
to climb down
duco, ducere
to lead, take, bring
gemo, gemere
to groan
consulo, consulere
to consult