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What is an iterative query?
The DNS resolver on the server computer queries the local DNS servers which are located on the same computer.
What is a recursive query?
The client aks the surver to query other DNS servers until it receives an answer.
What is Nslookup?
It is a command-line tool provided with TCP/IP that perform queries and enable examination of the content of zone files on local and remote servers.
How can Nslook up be run?
Eithr at the command prompt or as a program that accepts serial commands and queries (interctive mode)
What are the Nslookup syntax possibilites?
-opt, Host and Server
What does the -opt nslookup syntax do?
specifies one or more Nslookup subcommands as a command-line option
What does the Host nslookup syntax do?
It looks up information for Host using the default DNS name server, if no other server is specified.
What does the Server nslookup syntax do?
It specifies to use this server as the DNS server. If you omit Server, the default DNS name server is used.
What does
DNSLint do?
It verifies the consistency of a particular set of DNS records on multiple DNS servers. It can also help diagnose and fix problems as a result of missing or incorrect records.
What are the switches available in DNSlint?
/d - used to test a particular DNS domain name for lame delegation /ad -Used to test DNS records responsible for active Director forest replication, and /ql - used to dest DNS records specified in a text input file.
What kidns of things can you do with DNScmd?
You can create, delete, and view zones and records. Resewt server aqnd zone properties, perform zone maintenance operations, clear the cache, stop and start the DNS server and view statistics
What is the command to display a complete list of the zones configured on a DNS server?
Why wouold you disable recursion?
When you want to create an authoritative-only name server and prevent cache pollution.
What are multihomed computers?
Computers with either more than one network interface card or one network interface card with more than one IP address.
What is Round robin?
A load balancing mechanism used by DNS servers to share and distribute network resource loads.