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Standard Aircraft Empty Weight including unusable, fuel, oils and fluids:
5,310 kg (11,707 lb)
6,000 kg ( 13,228 lb)
Maximum Gross-Weight at Takeoff (standard conditions)
11,000 kg (24,251 lb)
Corresponding Useful Load:
5,690 kg (12,544 lb)
Minimum Weight in Flight:
6,600 kg (14,551 lb)
Maximum Operating Weight with External Load (standard conditions):
11,200 kg (24,690 lb)
Maximum Sling Capacity:
5,000 kg (11,023 lb)
4,500 kg (9,921 lb)
Overall Length with Rotor Spinning
63.98 ft.
Rotor Blade Diameter
53.14 ft
Distance between main wheels
9.84 ft.
Distance between nose wheel and main landing gear wheels:
17.22 ft.
Height at Main Rotor Beanie
15.09 ft.
Height of Tail Rotor Blade Tip
16.30 ft.
Width of Cabin
6.56 ft.
Tail Rotor Blade diameter
10.33 ft.
Type Engines
2 Makila 2A1 free turbine turboshaft engines
Modular design - Electronic Governing system (FADEC)
1665 kW at max. contingency power rating
Main Rotor Hub type
Tail Rotor
Consists of 4 composite rotor blades
Main Rotor
Consists of 5 rotor blades
Type of Landing Gear
Retractable Tricycle Landing Gear
oleopneumatic struts
trailing arm mail landing gear
automatic wheel centering and castoring lock on nose landing gear.
Wheel Brakes
2 separate hydraullically controlled disk brakes
Intermediate TGB provides
140 degrees of direction change
Tail Rotor Drive Shafts
8 total, 7 horizontal, 1 inclined. The first two are steel(for heat), the rest are aluminum alloy
Describe the Engine Modules.
There are 4 modules
Module No 1 - Air Intake and accessory drive gearbox.
Module No 2 - 3-Stage Axial Compressor
Module No 3 - Centrifugal Compressor, Combustion Chamber and Gas Generator Turbine
Module No 4 - 2-Stage Free Power Turbine
Makila 2A Engine Rating
OEI HI Rating 1758 kw - 2358 shp
OEI LO Rating 1661 kw - 2228 shp
OEI CT Rating 1573 kw - 2110 shp
Max Takeoff Rating 1563 kw - 2097 shp
Max Continuous Rating 1410 kw - 1892 shp
Makila 2A1 Rating
OEI HI Rating 1776 kw - 2382 shp
OEI LO Rating 1667 kw - 2236 shp
OEI CT Rating 1608 kw - 2156 shp
Max Takeoff Rating 1567 kw - 2101 shp
Max Continuous Rating 1418 kw - 1902 shp
What is the rotational velocity of the tail rotor?
1287 rpm for NR=265 rpm
Tail Rotor Head type?
What design of the landing gear protect the fuselage belly in a gear up landing?
The Wheels do not fully retract. They extend some amount below the belly, even when retracted.
Tail Rotor Guard and Skid
Made of steel. Taped for tell tale sign of ground contact. 11 deg nose up at touchdown