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Color Light Scheme
Blue (Green on Option)- Normal Operation
White - Available System, ie, electrics, Nr ILS-Normal
How are the 10WW lights powered?
Each light has 5 bulbs, 3 powered by the ess buss and 2 powered by the sec buss.
The caution and warning light system logic has how many levels?
1) Red or Amber light
2) light on CWP
3) electrical, hydraulic, or fuel panel
What does the NR/ILS light indicate and what does the button do?
The button is only on Pilot side only
If ILS oscillations are present, depressing the button reduces Nr by 2.3%( 6 rpm).
When does the L/G light come on?
Red light comes on when the L/G is up and IAS <60 kt.
The engine counter operation
Count down transient time. Start flashing 5 seconds before limit, then go steady and start logging overage.