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action-packed (adj.)
filled with action; contains a lot of action ~~ Ex: Jackie Chan movies are usually action-packed and full of fighting.
AKA (expression)
also known as ~~ Ex: This is my friend Joseph, aka Joey.
an awful lot (expression)
quite a lot ~~ Ex: There are an awful lot of tourists in Hawaii in the winter.
big screen (n.)
the movie screen in the movie theater ~~ Ex: It's best to see Star Wars on the big screen. Watching it at home just isn't as good.
blew away (v.)
surprised and made excited about ~~ Ex: That movie blew away everyone in the audience. Everyone was surprised at the ending. We were talking about it all night.
bottom line (expression)
the bottom line is the most important thing to consider or desired outcome ~~ Ex: "The bottom line is that we have to find the missing girl. She has been gone for 2 days." -- "Look. I want to buy the car. What’s the bottom line? How much is it going to cost?" -- "As a teacher, the bottom line is if my students are learning or not. That is what’s most important to me."
bunch (n.)
many; much ~~ Ex: There were a bunch of dogs at the dog park today. It was really crowded!
catch up (v.)
to talk about things that have happened ~~ Ex: I always have to catch up with my friends when I come backfrom vacation.
catchy (adj.)
fun and easy to remember(catchy songs usually become popular because people like to listen to them) ~~ Ex:Destiny's Child's songs are really catchy. I love to sing along to them.
check out (v.)
look at, listen to ~~ Ex: Check out the new car Naomi bought! It's so cool!
Dark Ages (n.)
a period of time during the 1500 marked by lack of knowledge ~~ Ex: The Dark Ages must've been a scary time to live. There was so little government and people were weak.
ditch (v.)
when you ditch something or someone, you leave it behind, you stop having it in your life at all ~~ Ex: "This idea isn’t working. We need to ditch it and come up with a better solution." -- "This is the fifth time that my car has broken down in the past year. I think I am going to ditch it and get another one." -- "I can’t believe that you ditched your boyfriend because he went out with his friends. Don’t you think that was a little bit harsh?"
Drop-dead gorgeous (adjective)
a very, very attractive person ~~ Ex: He was drop-dead gorgeous. I have never seen anyone look that good before in my life.
epic (adj.)
beyond the ordinary size, much bigger and wider than normal things (also: epic poem: a long narrative poem telling of a hero's deeds) ~~ Ex: The Sahara Desert is an epic place.
Flirt (v.)
to act overly friendly to someone, making them believe that you might like them. ~~ Ex: She loves to flirt. She's always smiling at guys and touching them.
Get busy (v.)
to be intimate with someone ~~ Ex: Todd and Kathy were getting busy last night. They kept me up with all the noise they were making.
give away (v.)
ruin (the surprise); explain too early ~~ Ex:Tell me about the book you're reading, but don't give away the ending.
give it up for (v.)
when you give it up for something or someone, you clap for them and let them know that you appreciate them ~~ Ex: I like to take a moment to thank my parents. Please give it up for my parents for being such great people.
head out (v.)
go ~~ Ex: Let's head out to the coast this weekend.
historically based (adj.)
when something is based on a real moment in the past ~~ Ex: I like reading historically based books because I can learn from them.
hold your own (expression)
do what you believe is right even when others try to tell you otherwise ~~ Ex: You have to hold your own in front of salesmen. Don't let them convince you of anything.
Hook-up (v.)
to be intimate with someone you aren't usually intimate with. ~~ Ex: Last night I hooked up with Jeff. It was probably a big mistake, but it was fun.
house party (n.)
a party at your house ~~ Ex: I am going to throw a house party. Do you want to come?
J-pop (n.)
Japanese pop music ~~ Ex: Ever since I went to Japan, I have loved J-pop!
keep meaning to (expression)
intend on; plan on, but forget ~~ Ex: I keep meaning to call home, but then I never do it.
Knockout (n.)
a very attractive person ~~ Ex: She's a knockout. She's easily the best looking person at this party.
major (adj.)
important, meaningful, significant ~~ Ex: I have a major test coming up in math class. I can't fail it!
Make-out (v.)
to kiss someone for a while ~~ Ex: I really like making-out with Brent. He's a great kisser.
Mess around (v.)
to be intimate with someone, usually not sex ~~ Ex: I can't believe you messed around with Bill again! He only likes you for your body!
mingle (v.)
move around a party, chatting with people ~~ Ex: I love to mingle at parties. I always meet the most interesting people!
picture (v.)
imagine what something or someone looks like ~~ Ex: I know I have met your sister, but I can't picture her.
Play games (v.)
to act in a way that is not straight forward or honest. ~~ Ex: He's playing games with me. One day he tells me he loves me, and the next, he ignores me.
Play hard to get (v.)
to act like you aren't interested in someone so that they like you more. ~~ Ex: She loves to play hard to get. She never goes out with someone the first time they ask her.
quirky (adj.)
strange; different; weird ~~ Ex:My new dog is really quirky. She likes to lick my toes!
reminiscing (v.)
to remember, to spend time looking back on, to think about things that happened in the past ~~ Ex: When my sister and I get together, we love to reminisce about our childhood!
Shack (v.)
to spend the night at someone's house ~~ Ex: Where were you last night? Did you shack at your boyfriend's place?
slam dunk (n.)
means a move that produces a good and exciting result; the term comes from a basketball move where the player jumps up to the basket and slams the ball through ~~ Ex: That sales presentation was quite a slam dunk! I think we got those clients for sure.
tastes (n.)
styles; sense of what is good ~~ Ex: That class likes all different kinds of books. Their tastes ranged from poetry to non-fiction.
Tease (n.)
a person who pretends like they're going to do something, but doesn't do it ~~ Ex: She's such a tease. She acts like she wants me to kiss her, but then she won't let me do it.
The Crusades (n.)
a period in history where religions tried to spread around the world ~~ Ex: We didn't learn much about The Crusades in elementary school.
There you go (expression)
that's a good idea ~~ Ex: I'm tired. I'm going to take a nap.
totally (expression)
definitely, for sure, absolutely, I agree, certainly, without a doubt. ~~ Ex: Max: I love being a college student. It is such an exciting time of life! Debbie: Totally! It doesn't get much better than this!
turmoil (n.)
pain and suffering (desorden, alboroto) ~~ Ex: Our relationship is going through a lot of turmoil right now. It hurts to fight like that.
when it comes down to it (expression)
in the end ~~ Ex: I don't like chocolate, but when it comes down to it, I will eat it if there's nothing else sweet in the house.
word of mouth (expression)
something you hear from someone else ~~ Ex: I found out through word of mouth that my boyfriend has another girlfriend.