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What are the requirements for the Respiratory Program?
Anywhere that generates air contaminants that are dangerous if inhaled. Fit test and physical 3/5 years.
What are the requirements for the Hearing Conservation Program?
Anywhere that produces high intensity noise. Continuous or intermittent at 84db for 8 hrs or 140bd impulse. Hearing test every year.
What are the requirements for the Sight Conservation Program?
Anywhere grinding, melting, cutting/welding, molten/corrosive liquids & solids, sand blasting. Eye tests every year.
What are the requirements for the Personal Protective Equipment?
WHere it is determined by competent authority that it's use is required and that such use will lessen the likelyhood of occupational injuries or illenss.
What PPE is to be worn while at flight quarters?
Cranials(w/eye & ear protection), long sleeve shirt, Float coat(with inflatable bladder & strobe light), Flight deck/LOX boots.
Identify the EA-6B danger areas.
WHile turning all movable surfaces, 25 from centerline and intakes, 80ft from exhaust at low pwr, 200ft at high pwr, 57dg each side of nose centerline search radar sweep.
What is the purpose of ground safety pins?
Protect personnel and prevent damage to A/C while on ground.8 in front seats/7 in back seats, 1 on each M/M a& 1 on N/M. 2 canopy pins, 1 in each cockpit.
What is the purpose of Aircraft Step, No Step areas?
Provides a place to walk on or board A/C w/out damaging A/C.
What is the purpose of Handholds/grips?
Provides a place to grab while boarding or working on A/C.
What is the purpose of Walkways?
Provides traction(non-skid) on the most walked on topdeck surfaces of the A/C.
What is the purpose of Aircraft Grounding Points?
2 Primary: Tail bumper static ground & nose wheel static ground.
State the general safety precautions associated with applying/removing external power.
Cockpit switches OFF,NORM,or SAFE, Ground A/C & external pwr supply, Inform all personnel of application of pwr.