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Respiratory protection:
Whenever respiratory protection is required activities shall establish and maintain a respiratory protection program
Hearing conservation:
All noise areas must be labeled. A hearing monitoring program shall be implemented and a roster of all personnel kept on
Sight conservation:
Emergency eye wash facilities and special precaution for visually impaired employees and temporary protective eyewear.
Personal protective equipment:
Activities shall ensure that an assessment of all work places is conducted to determine if hazards are present that necessitate
the use of personal protective equipment.
An operating procedure, which may result in injury or death if not carefully followed.
An operating procedure, which may result in injury to equipment if not carefully followed.
A procedure, which is emphasized.
A procedure, which is mandatory.
A procedure, which is recommended.
A procedure, which is optional.
Indicates futurity.
Portable fire extinguisher:
Shall be visually inspected monthly, inspections shall include serviceability, access, and evidence of physical damage, and
broken seals.
Fire lanes:
Shall be clearly marked and kept clear.
Smoking or open flames:
Shall not be permitted within 50 feet of parked aircraft, hangar bays, etc.
Aircraft grounding:
Aircraft shall be electrically grounded during all maintenance evolutions.