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What are the two types of OPTAR funds?
Flight operations fund and aviation fleet maintenace fund.
What is AFM?
Aviation fleet Maintenance fund. It is use for purchance of parts, boot, materials. only used for shop or home guard materials.
What is the OFC-01?
Flight operations fund. Is used to purchace inital issued flt suits, boots, fuel durning flt, and nitrogen used during flt. Used to purchase materials used for flt operations.
What is the JCN?
Job control number is a 9,10, or 11 charcter code serves as a base for MDR and maint control.
What is the MCN?
Maintenance control number is a 7 character code that is use to track MAFS through the Maint process.
What is the Config status account for I level NALCOMIS?
Contains 3 sections a/c engines, SE, and TD's.
What is the system reports for I level NALCOMIS?
Allows users to see list of messages awaiting actions.
What is te data off/on load for I level NALCOMIS?
Generates file reports for temp or permanet transfer of SE between organizations.
What is the personnel section of O level NALCOMIS?
Used to track personnel qualifications.
What is the Asset section of O level NALCOMIS?
Processes inventory and inspection criteria for SE and ALSS.
What is the data analysis section of O level NALCOMIS?
Approves or disapproves MAF/NAVFLIRS.
What is A/C service period adjustment? (ASPA)
Depot level evaluation of aircraft general material condition. Also know as overhual.
Name the 5 Vol of the NAMP. and briefly describe them?
VOLI-is the basic concept of the NAMP.

VOL II- Is the DEPOT level procedures.

VOL III-Is the MDS. For NALCOMIS users.

VOL IV- is the aviation 3M data processing.

VOL V- Is Standard operating procedures for all the programs.
What is a OPREP?
Operational report used to report accedital or unauthorized detonation of nuclear wepons. Has highest precedence.
What is a MOVREP?
Movement report is use to track ships locations and destinations.
What is a LOGREQ?
Logistics report is used by ships pulling into port to notify of any materials they might need. submitted 48hrs before arrival.
What is a SORTS?
Satus of requirements and training status is used by ships to notify higher ups of operational readiness and capabilities.
What is a SITREP?
Situation report is used to report bomb threats, violent crimes, sexual harrasment. Filed by the CO>
What happen on 13-15 NOV 1942?
The battle of Guatalacanal the marines fought for 3 days and won. 5 sullivan brothers were killed on the same ship. Navy re instated is rules about family being on the same boat.
What is the MILSTRIP?
Military standard requisitioning and issue procedures. Its a uniform procedure established by DOD for its own use to govern requisitopn and issue of materials
What is ICRL?
Individual component repair list. Its a detailed statement of IMA's component repair capabilities.
What is CRIPL?
Consolidated remain in place list. Its a list of all authorizedremain in place item. That allow delayed turn in parts.
What is NMCS?
Non mission capable supply. Its a material conditon of an aircraft that can not perform its missions due to supply shortages.
What is PMCS?
Partial mission capable supply? Its a material condition of aircraft that can perform at least 1 of its missions but not all due to supply shortage.
What is NSN?
National stock number. Its is a 13 digit stock number assigned to identify an item of material in the dupply distribution system,
What is the NIIN?
National item identification number. Its a 9 digit number that uniquely identifyes each NSN item in the federal supply distribution system.
What is AVDLR?
Aviation depot level repair. Its used to replace parts on the aircraft through the end user.
What is EXREP?
Expeditious repair. Its used to replace or repair parts that are in a NMCS or PMCS.
What is the financial liability investigation of property loss?
a form used to document the report of survey and certify the survey process when government propert is lost, damaged, or destroyed.
What is missing/lost/stolen report?
reports of missing lost or stolen items are made by a completed copy of the financial liability investigation of property loss.
Naval aviation logistics command management info system.
What is the purpose of NALCOMIS?
To improve mission capability, improve aircraft main and supply support.
Describe the following O-level NALCOMIS functions.

a. collects and processes maintenace related data and provides data to other subsystems.
b.collects aprocesses flight related data.
c.establishes and maintains configuration profiles for engines, aircraft, and any aeronautical equipment service record.
Describe the following O-level NALCOMIS functions?

b.assets analysis
a. reserved for further use. can be use to track quals.
b.processes inventory and inspection criteria for SE and ALSS.
c. Approves or disapproves MAFS and NAVFLIRS.
Describe the I-level functions of NALCOMIS,

a.configuration status accounting.
b.personnel management
c.asset management.
a.contains 3 sections:A/C engines, S.E, and TD's.
b.contains info on assigned military and civilan personnel. Used for workload management.
c. contains the functions required to maintain inventory and utilized data for SE and IMRL.
Describe the I-level functions of NALCOMIS?

a. material requirement processing.
b.system support of-load/on-load.
a. covers material requirements generated by baint custiomers at o level and i level.
b. permits users to see a list of on screen messages that are waiting action.
c. used to generate files reports and documents for tem transffered SE and permanently transferred SE.
Explain the use of naval message?
The principal means by which commanders communicate.
Info line?
contains the addresses of those who you would like to look at or send the message for information purposes.
Explain the aircraft visual identification system for the following?

Naval flight records subsystem.
Define NATOPS and its use?
Naval air training and operation procedures standardization. It is use to improve combat readiness and achive a substantial reduction in aircraft mishaps.
Define MOPP?
Mission oriented protective posture.
Gas masks are issued to all hands and kept at battle stations.
Gas masks are carried by each person onboard. pre-position decontamination supplies.
New filters are installed on gass masks. Don chemical protective overgarments smock with hood dowm trousers and overbooks.
Don gas masks and secure the hood over the head and around the mask. Don Gloves initiate continous monitoring of detection equipment.
What is Electomagnetic pulse?
EMP is produced by high altitude air and surface bursts. Its a frequency that is created by the blast that burns out electrical components and equipment.
What is radiation?
radiation hazards are alpha and beta particales and gamma na d neutron radiation. Alpha particals must be ingested beta particals cause burns, gamma rays are pure energy and pentrate every inch of the body and nuetrons have the greatest penetration power.
they are clasified as primary and secondary. Primary comes from the explosion itself and secondary comes from the fire and debris caused by the explosion.
shallow underwater burst?
fireball is formed but is smaller then an airburs and normally is not visible. Creates a large bubble or cavity. water rushes into the cavity and is expelled upwards of 1000 ft. all thermal radiation is absorbed by the water. Deep underwater burst are the same except the contamintation is greater.
Surface burst?
Produce the worst fallout. fireball touches the ground. vast amounts of surface material are vaporized and taken into the fire ball. debris falls out as radioactive waste.
Fire ball does not touch the ground. All materials withing the fireball are vaporized. as the fireball rised it colls to the point where the vapor condences to form a highly radioacive cloud.
List the 4 types of chemical casualty agents?
Chocking, nerve, blood, and blistering agents.
Chemical warefare
intentional use of lethal or notlethal chemical agents to produce casualties.
Biological warfare?
intentional use of living ogranisms to disable or destroy people and there domestic animals, crops or supplies.
AMMO SHIP Carried two MH60
Destroyer tender moble base repair facility
combat stores ship-perform underway replinishment
Sub tender
oiler/oiler and ammo ship.