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Which component provides the compressed air that is used for pressurization and air condition during flight?
What pressurization system component is used to draw air through the electronics compartments?
Cabin Exhaust Fan
The acronym, "MELC", refers to which of the folloing?

a. Mission Essential Logistics Command
b. Multi-purpose Engineering Load Console
c. Main Engineering Logstics Command
d. Main Electrical Load Center
d. Main Electrical Load Center
What does the acronym "GPS" stand for?
Global Positioning System
How many ditching stations does the EP-3E have?
The _______ converts the high-speed low torque output of the power section to low speed high torque for use at the prop.
Reduction Gear Assembly
What are the primary recievers on the Aries II EP3E aircraft?
ALR-81 and ARR-81
What comprises the Fuel System onboard the EP-3E aircraft?
Fuel Tanks
Fueling System
Transfer System
Crossfeed System
Dump System
The NB-8 is a backpack-type parachute with a ____ foot flat canopy.
The APS-134 radar may emit dangerous RF energy up to what distance?
150 feet
Define the acronym "LPA"
Life Preserver Assembly
The statement, "Emphasizes operatinal training to achieve a high level of mission readiness and individual proficiency," is descriptive of the responsibilities of which department?
Training Department
What is the location, color and purpose of the rotating beacon?
Top and Bottom, red, anti-collision and warning.
What is the main advantage of the constant speed propeller?
Authomatically maintains the slected RPM by adjusting the angle of the blades as the load of the engine increased or decreased.
What are the major systems that comprise mission aviaonics in the EP3E aircraft?
ESM and Special
What term best describes the construction of the EP3E aircraft's fuselage?
Semimonocoque with stiffners and longerons.
The aircraft battery is _a_ battery located in the _b_.
24 volt, nose wheel well
This aircrew member is responsible as the safety backup for the pilot throughout the flight spectrum. They make recommendations as necessary throughout the mission in order to maintain the safest possible flight environment.
Co-Pilot (2P)
What is the responsibility of the PBFT?
Responsible to the CO for developing a units traiing program witht he ultimate goal of well trained and qualified personnel.
What are the outputs of the generators attached to (a) the APU and (b) the engines?
(a) 60 KVA, (b) 90 KVA
How many (total) electrical generators are there on the EP3E aircraft?
The P-3 aircraft is equipped with which of the following type of jet engine?
A four-engine, low wing aircraft with three major radomes is a description of the:
EP-3E Aircraft
The EP-3E aircraft is equipped with ___ HRD bottles
Which navigational aid provides the navigator with bearing, distance and positional data?