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What are the 6 areas of Naval Doctrine?
Naval: Command and Control
Define the Doctrine of Naval Warefare.
It is the inherent nature and enduring principles of naval forces
Define the Doctrine of Naval Intelligence.
It points the way for intelligence support in meeting the requirements of both regional conflicts and operations other than war.
Define the Doctrine of Naval Operations.
It develops doctrine to reaffirm the foundations of US Navy and Marine Corps expeditionary maritime traditions.
Define the Doctrine of Naval Logistics.
It addresses the full range of logistical capabilities that are essential in the support of naval forces.
Define the Doctrine of Naval Planning.
It examines force planning and the relationship between our capabilities and operational planning in the joint and multinational environment.
Define the Doctrine of Naval Command and Control.
It provides the basic concepts to fulfill the information needs of commanders , forces and weapons systems.
What does reconnaissance and surveillance means?
They include the search for and the interception, recording and analysis of radiated electromagnetic energy.
What does "Antisubmarine" mean?
Meant to locate and destroy submarines.
How does naval aviation support amphibious assults?
Transition during combat from sea to shore
How does naval aviation support logistical support?
Ensures assetts are where they need to be.
How does naval aviation support search and rescue?
Locating and picking up A/C and personnel who are lost or stranded.
How does naval aviation support mine warfare?
Use of naval assetts to locate and destroy mines.
Basically, what led to the formation of the US Navy?
England passed taxes but provided no representation and we finally said enough is enough and on ran ourselves. Then on October 13, 1775 the Continental Navy was created and assigned Esek Hopkins as Commander in Chief. He put the squadron to sea in February 1776
What are the qualities that make the Navy/Marine Corps team instruments to support national policies?
Self sustainability
What are the 3 levels of war?
How does Naval Intelligence Operations support peace time decision makings?
The more that is known prevents that which could happen by not being known.
What is the importance of the battle of Coral Sea?
7-8 May 1942: Japanese invasion of New Guinea stopped due to the breaking of the Japanese Navy code.
What is the importance of the battle of Midway?
3-6 June 1942: Japan lost control of Pacific.
What is the importance of the battle of Guadacanal?
13 November 1942: Island of Guadacanal won from Japan thus easing the threat to Australia.
What happened on 8 May 1911 as it applies to Naval Aviation?
Navy orders its first aircraft. BIRTH OF NAVAL AVIATION.
What was the first aircraft carrier?
20 March 1922: USS Langley
What was the first jet for the US Navy?
21 July 1946: FH1 Phantom from/to USS Boxer (CV-21)
wHO was the first naval aviator in space?
5 May 1961: Alan Shepard (Mercury capsule "Freedom 7")