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Define aircraft handling.
General term that describes any movement of aircraft or associated equipment.
State the pupose of standard aircraft taxi signals.
Used by all branches so that there will be no misunderstanding.
What are the vehicle speed limits on the flight line and around aircraft?
5 mph within 50 feet of aircraft and 10 mph on runways, taxiways, parking ramps and work areas.
What is the maximum towing speed of an aircraft?
As fast as the slowest walker.
Name the 4 catagories of tie down requirements.
Initial, intermediate, permanent and heavy weather.
What is the purpose of shore based recovery equipment?
To stop the aircraft in the shortest distance possible.
What is the purpose of the MA-1A overrun barrier?
Net barrier and cable system to stop A/C not equipped w/ tail hooks, but A/C must have a nose wheel. Always in standby status.
The MA-1A is being replace with what?
The E-5, E-28 or M-21.
What is the minimum PPE required on the flight line & ramp areas during routine operations?
Whatever the present hazards require.
What is the minimum PPE required on the flight line & ramp areas during Flight operations?
Cranial, Jersey, goggles, sound attenuators, flight deck shoes, flotation gear, survival light and whistle.
What are the hazards associated with intakes?
Intakes can suck debris, personnel or equipment into them. Greatest hazard during max power settings.
What are the hazards associated with Exhaust(engine and APU)?
High temperatures and high velocity or exhaust gases.
What are the hazards associated with Propellers?
Stay clear of turning props. Do not approach or depart A/C with propellers turning.
What are the hazards associated with Rotor Blades?
Do not approach or depart helicopters while rotors are being engaged or disengaged.
What are the hazards associated with hot brakes?
Always approach fore and aft. Explosions follow the line of the axle.
Explain the runway numbering system.
Numbered in relation to magnetic heading to the nearest 10 degrees. If parallel one is L the other R or the 3rd is C.
Explain threshold markings.
Runways 200 ft wide-10 stripes, 12ft wide & 150 ft long. More than 200 ft wide the markings cover the width less 20 on both sides.
Explain the Airfield lighting system.
FAA Handbook 7110.65. Controlled by tower. When airport shut down on Navigable airspce obstruction light and rotating beacons in metro areas.
Explain the Runway/Taxiway marking system.
Provide visual guidance. Taxiway are blue. Spacing variable. 2 lights(entrance-exit lights) 5 ft apart. Only on when A/C is cleared to taxi out or returning.
Explain the purpose of arm/dearm areas.
Where ordnance is changed for a state of safe condition to a state of readiness. Use individual stores loading manual/checklist.
Explain the purpose of overrun areas.
Provides reasonably effectve deceleration area for aborting or overshooting aircraft. All weather access for emergency vehicles. Some have yellow chevrons. Non-touchdown areas.
Explain the purpose of a wind indicator.
Provides method for prompt issuance of wind directions and velocities to pilots.
What is the purpose of an airfield rotation beacon?
Used to identify the airport's location during low visibility. Rotates clockwise from above at a constant speed. 12-15 flashes per minute.
What is the purpose of Tower Visual Communications?
Device between radar controller & control tower that provides a sequence of light and switches to reduce the number of voice contacts.
What is Tactical Air Navigation (TACAN)System?
Uses a bearing determining system to determine A/C position & distance from a TACAN station. Primary navigation used by carrier based A/C.
Explain crash and resuce.
Within the ship the damage control organization is the crash, salvage & rescue team. Flight deck repair team.Rescue personnel, clear wreckage, fight fires & make minor emergency repairs to the deck and equipment.
What is a compass calibration pad?
Paved area in a magnetically quiet are where A/C compass is calibrated. 1 minimum at each airport.
What is the Liquid Oxygen (LOX) exchange area?
Designated area for servicing with LOX. Area must be kept free of flamable or combustable materials.
Describe LOX.
Liquid, light blue, flows like water, extremely cold (-297 F). Expansion rate of 860 to 1. Strong oxidizer.