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Where are the smoke goggles located?
Forward galley area.
Where are the escape ropes located?
Pilot and co-pilot clear view windows.
In the top of each overwing exit.
Where are the evacuation slides located?
Passenger entrance.
Service entrance.
Tailcone exit.
Where are the hand held extinguishers located?
Mid-cabin port overhead panel.
Port aft bulkhead.
Where are the life rafts located?
Forward galley.
Port mid-cabin overhead panel.
Starboard mid-cabin overhead panel.
Where are the first aid kits located?
Starboard forward overhead panel.
Port aft overhead panel.
Where are the megaphones located?
Port forward overhead panel.
Port aft overhead panel.
Where are the passenger oxygen masks located?
Overhead panels above each passenger seat.
Where is the emergency locator transmitter located?
Port mid-cabin overhead panel.
Where is the crash axe located?
Attached to the back of the pilot's seat.
Where are the flashlights located?
Forward entrance bulkhead.
Starboard cockpit bulkhead.
Port aft bulkhead.
Where are the survival radios located?
1 in each one man life raft.
1 attached to the compartment that contains each 25 man life raft.
Where are the life vests located?
Below each passenger seat.
When inside the A/C, how do you deploy the tail cone?
Fold crewmember seat up.
Open aft door.
When outside the A/C, how do you deploy the tail cone?
Push access door in.
During fueling operations what fire extinguisher is considered the primary?
The Halon 1211.
What does the Halon 1211 fire extinguisher look like?
150 pound wheeled unit.