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State the 3 objectives of first aid
save a life, prevent injury, prevent infection
State the 3 methods of controlling bleeding
direct pressure, elevation, and tourniquet (last resort)
identify and example of a pressure point
carotid, brachial, femoral
describe the symptoms and treatment for shock
cold clammy pale skin, dilated pupils; elevate feet
describe the 3 classifications of burns
1st - mild pain
2nd - sever pain
3rd - no pain at site, charred
state the symptoms and treatment for the following heat related injuries: heat exhaustion & heat stroke
heat exhaustion - profuse sweating
heat stroke - stopped sweating
state the difference between an "open" and "closed" fracture
open - compound
closed - simple
state the following as applied to electrical shock:
personnel rescue
personnel rescue - electricity off
treatment - be prepared for CPR immediately
describe the methods for clearing an obstructed airway
abdominal thrust
describe the effects of the following cold weather injuries: Hypothermia, superficial frostbite, deep frostbite
hypothermia - rapid cooling of the body
superficial frostbite - ice crystals forming on upper layers of the skin
deep frostbite - ice crystals forming on deep layers of skin