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the perosn regularly engages in self induces vomiting or misuse of laxatives diuretics or enemas?
recurrent binge eating f/b purging?
Bulimia nervosa
during current episode person uses other inappropriate dbehaviors such as fasting or excessive exercise?
Non purging
How is bulimia nervosa dx?
minimum of 2 binge eating episodes/week for 3 months
(eating in discrete period of time and amt of food larger than most people would consider eating)
Apperance of person with bulimia nervosa?
Usually of normal weight
(fluctuates 10 lbs)
bulimia nervosa is often associated with?
substance dependency/abuse
How does the person with bulimia nervosa react?
feels in control then loss of control
need to fit in/look good
embraces trad.femininity
often hx childhood sex/abuse
Describe the process of bulimia nervosa?
2.esophagitis enamel erosion
4.normal wt
5.enlarged parotid glands
8.F/E imbalances
8.increased temp
9.poor skin turgor
10.dark urine
11.low bp and weakness
Plan and intervention for client with bulimia nervosa?
adequate I/O
achieve target weights
avoid discussion of wt
do not have pt wt themslvs
Monitor for 2hrs post eating
staff eats with patients
Client with BN what med should be used with caution and why? what med should not be used?
TCAs: due to cardiac effects

do not use bupropion(wellbutrin)
Nurse may experience "rescue"feelings towards client with BN, why should she be aware of these feelings?
Nurse may label clients problem as poor eating/places client on diet plan but not realize client has a serious condition.
-never cover over problem