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Series of islands
Taika Reforms
Series of laws created by Prince Shotoku
South of the Sahara Desert
Yucatan Peninsula
Part of Mexico Mayan civilization developed
Floating gardens used by Aztecs
System of record keeping; done by tying knots on strings
Describe Japan's geography and how it impacted it's development.
Very mountainous, meant land was not very arable. Forced them to use the seas to survive (fishing, trading).
Explain the roles of Shintoism and Buddhism in Japan
Shintoism was method of worshipping nature gods used in Medieval Japan. Buddhism is religion currently dominate and can coexist with Shintoism.
Explain how China had an influence on Japan's development.
Japan sent scholars to study China's gov't, art, language, culture and then brought that back to Japan and "borrowed" this for Japanese culture.
What kind of climate do you thing Sub-Saharan Africa experiences?
Tropical with wet and dry seasons
What products did Ghana rely on for trading?
Gold and Salt
How did the Muslims come into contact with Ghana? What eventually happens?
Initial contact was made by trading, eventually the Muslims invade and conquer this kingdom.
What kindom develps in the samve general area once Ghana collapses?
What city of Mali becomes a huge trading center? What else is this city known for?
Timbuktu. Also known for becoming a cultureal and learning center.
The Songhay Kingdom benefited from the gold and salt trade, but what other commodity did they trade?
Slave trading
Why was the Axum Kingdom in a prime trading center?
Near Nile River, Red Sea, and Central Africa - good for trading.
In religious terms, why is the Axum Kingdom so different from most other African Kingdoms we studied?
It was the first to be "Christianized"
Why did the Mayans build elaborate pyramids?
To honor the gods, but also as burial places for the upper class.
What are some contributions of the Mayans?
Mayan calender, number system with zero, hieroglyphic writing.
Why did the Aztecs believe in human sacrifices?
The Sun God had to battle the forces of darkness each night in order for the sun to rise again the next day. They thought if they offered a sacrifice each night he would win the battle and their would be light again.
Where did the Aztec Civilization develop?
Central Mexico
Where did the Incan Civilization develop?
Coast of South American, from Ecuador to Chile today. In the Andes Mountains.
How did the Incas farm?
Use terraced fields due to the extreme mountainous terrain.
What was created for the Incan military?
11,000 miles of roadways
What ultimately happened to the Aztec and Incan civilizations?
Spanish explorers conquered them.
What did the Mayans develop?
On the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico.