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Areas with the most diversity
The Balkins, especially Bosnia, Herzegovina and Serbia
Areas with the LEAST diversity
Poland, and Hungary
Poland and Hungary are stable
but ___ has seen a great deal of conflice
The Balkans
How has the presence of many different ethnic groups affected this area?
Various languages and dialects
cause communication problems
The desire to maintain ethnic values/rivalry for good land
A Trukish word for mountains. Located in the southern part between the Adriatic Sea and the Black Sea
Balkanize-to break up into small hostile po.itical units. During the 1990's______demonstrated this word with warfare that tore apart the country
How has the geography of the Balkans contributed to the conflicts in that area?
the mountainous terrain of the Balkans isolates different groups and contributes to the confllicts
The republics of Saerbia and Montenegro remain united and kept the name of
The capital of both Serbia and Yugoslavia
The capital of Montenegro
The Danube River is _________
miles long
Small farms combined into larger ones and reorganized crops, jobs and managers sell the crops
`Chernobyl-located in______the world's worst nuclear disaster on April 26, 1986
The phrase used to describe barrier between W. European countries and E. European dominated by the Soviet Union
Iron Curtain
The first major uprising against communists occured in
An electrical worker from the shipyards led the 1st step in freedom and began Polands president 10 yrs later
Lech Wakesa
The governments in E. Europe changed after 1989 and became more
1989 Czechoslovakia smoothly went from communism to democracy is called
the velvet revolution
After communism fell countries of the area have established democracy but it is difficult because of
ethnic tension
Where thousands of Jews died of starvation and disease during WWII
Warsaw ghetto
Ommunist governments in E. Europe hoped to increase their power by decreasing the power of
One of the first roghts to be restored when the countries of E. Europe broke from the Soviet Union was freedom of
Pope John Paul II is a native of __________
1st pope i 456 yeas who was not Italian