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Nonrenewable resources are all of the following except
The source that is not involved in making energy is
Humans are able to obtain energy from which type of nuclear energy?
Nuclear fission
Energy resources that have been formed from the remains of living thingfs are called
Fossil Fuels
This resource can be used for many purposes including gemstones, building materials, nad medicines
Anthracite, peat, bituminous are all types of
The energy source for geothermal energy is
Renewable resources are items that are
A) replaced as it is used
B)replaced within a human's lifetime
C)like wind water and plants
Hydroelectric energy is energy produced by
running water
The resource that is made with hydrocarbons is
fossil fuels
nonrenewable reources are all of the following except
ores containig minerals concentrate the minerals when they are formed by
cooling of magma and contact metamorphism
energy is obtained with the use of a mechanical device called a trubine for the following resources
wind water and geothermal
The use of this resource may result in the pollution of the air
fossil fuels
electricity is the energy produced in all the following
wind water geothermal
The hardest and most carbonized type of coal is
photovoltaic cells are used to harness this resource
in order to access the following resources, people have to dig deep underground to do it
minerals, coal, petroleum