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Which modern land areas were affected by the Permian ice age?
South America, Australia, Africa, India.
Compare Silurian life to that of the Ordovician.
similar, but more corals and echinoderms; first coral reefs.
Why are trilobites important to Precambrian time?
index fossils
Why is the Devonian called the Age of Fishes?
fish dominated the seas.
Identify and describe the two groups of organisms that were important during Mississippian time.
crinoids, related to starfish; foraminifera, one celled animals that build shells.
What is the basic difference between Cambrian and Ordovician life?
many more kinds of animals in Ordovician.
List some groups that died out at the close of the Paleozoic.
trilobites, eurypterids.
What is the most important difference between Precambrian rocks and Paleozoic rocks?
Abundance of fossils in Paleozoic rocks.