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Who is credited with the continental drift theory
Alfred wegner
. What rock type would you get if you partially melt granite
. How can you quickly test if a mystery mineral is talc?
Scratch it with finger nail. It would scratch off.
Boundary type for the Andes
What are the five qualities that define a mineral?
Naturally occurring, solid, crystalline, generally inorganic, specific chemical composition.
What are the three types of tectonic boundary?
Convergent, divergent, transformed fault.
A 7 on the Richter scale releases-----------more energy than a 6.
10 times more powerful.
Which has larger crystals, rock from magma or from lava?
African Rift Valley
. Boundary type for Himalayas
. What is the unifying theory?
Continental Drift theory.
How the Earth became organized into current layers?
How does uniformitarianism differ from catastrophism?
Long term vs. Sudden. Things happened today are same as what has happened in past.
What are the three main divisions of Earth’s interior?
The core, mantle, and crust
What are the 5 spheres of the Earth system and give a one word description of each.
Biosphere-life, hydrosphere-water, atmosphere-air, lithosphere-rock, cryosphere-ice
Boundary type for San Andreas Fault?-
transform fault boundary
. 3 types of waves?
P wave S wave and L wave
What are the three main rock types?
Metamorphic, sedimentary, igneous. Rock cycle.
4 lines of evidence that support continental drift?
Common ancestors across oceans, common fossils across oceans, common rock types and structures across oceans, continents fit together, Climates.
Which wave arrives first?
P Wave
What are the two types of igneous rocks?
Intrusive and extrusive
What is boundary type for Aleutian Islands?
Ocean to Ocean convergant
What two sources of energy power the Earth System?
Sun, radioactive decay
What physical properties of minerals help identify them?
Hardness, cleavage, streak color.
Two types of dates for rocks?
dating, and relative dating.