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What is a mineral ?
A mineral is a natural occuring, inorganic solid that forms on or beneath Earth's surface. Almost all minerals have a crystal shape. Each mineral also has a definite chemical composition.
What are the three major groups of rock, and how do they form through the rock cycle ?
Geologists classify rocks into three major groups: igneous rock, sedimentary rock, and metamorphic rock. The rocks in each group form through different steps in the rock cycle.
How are minerals and rocks used and processed ?
Minerals are the source of gemstones, metals, and other materials used to make many products. Today, people use rocks for building materials and in industrial processes. To produce metal from an ore, the ore must be mined, or removed from the ground. Then the ore must be processed to extract the metal.
What is a crystal ?
A crystal is a solid made up of particles that line up in a pattern that repeats over and over again.
What is the rock cycle ?
The rock cycle is a series of processes on and beneath Earth's surface that slowly change rocks from one kind to another.
What is igneous rock ?
When molten materials form inside Earth, it slowly cools and hardens at or beneath the surface.
What is sedimentary rock ?
Water and wind carry sediment and deposit it in to layers. Layers of sediments build up and are squeezes together by their own weight. At the same time, minerals in the rock slowly dissolve in water. These minerals harden and glue the sediment together. Over millions of years, The sediment slowly changes to sedimentary rock.
What is sediment ?
Sediment is small, solid pieces or material that come from rocks or living things.
What is metamorphic rock ?
under great heat and pressure, the minerals in a rock can change to different minerals. The rock has become metamorphic rock.
What is a nonrenewable resource ?
A nonrenewable source is one that is not replaces in a useful time frame.
What is an ore ?
An ore is a rock that contains a metal or other useful materials that can be mined and sold at a profit.
What is smelting ?
Smelting is when an ore is mixed with other substances and then melted to seperate the useful metal from other elements the ore contains.