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oval shape in which the planets revolve around the sun
two fixed points within the ellipse
what is located at one of the foci
the sun
the amount of difference btween an ellipse as compared to a special type of ellipse called a circle
eccentricity formula
eccentricty = distance between foci
length of the major axis
what would the orbits of the planets to scale look like to the human eye?
like circles, except for mercury and pluto
when is the earth closest to the sun?
on or about january 3
when is the earth farthest away from the sun
on or around july 4
does the distance from earth to the sun cause the seasons?
the concept that an object at rest will tend to remain at rest, and that an object in motion will maintain the direction and speed of that motion unless an opposing force affects it
the attractive force that exists between any two objects in the universe
how does mass affect gravity
the great the mass of one or both objects, the greater the gravitational attraction
how does distance affect gravity
the closer the objects are the greater the gravitational attraction
what is an example of the dynamic equilibrium between inertia and gravitation
the orbit of a planet around the sun
when a planet is closer to the sun, its orbital speed velocity...
is greatest
when a planet is farthest away from the sun, its orbital speed velocity is...
how does the distance from the sun affect a planets orbit?
the closer a planet is to the sun, the smaller its orbit, the shorters its period of revolution, and the faster its speed of revolution
when the foci are closer together, the orbit is more or less eccentric?
more eccentric