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what is a hot spot?
when material in the mantle that is not near a plate boundary heats and rises up to the crust warming the ocean floor and the water above it
what is elastic limit?
how much stress something can withstand b4 breaking
what is a dormant/ inactive volcano
a volcano that hasn't erupted in over 100 years, but has erupted in the oast 1000 years
a weated pen that hangs over a rotating drum. when vibrations occur, they cause the pen to move back and forth making a long wavy line
(volcanic) ash-
tiny peices of debris and hot lava from an erupting volcano that fly/float through the air and fall to earth cavering many things
how many times greater is an eq w/ anricter magn. of 2 than 5
how many seismagraph readings are needed to find the epicenter?
at least 3
name the steps of a lab write-up
2)problem-what you'retrying to solve
3)hypothesis-educated guess
5)procedure-be specific!
contrast mass vs. weight
mass- amnt. of part.
doesn't change
weight-changes w/ gravity
not scientific
how much gravity is pulling on the mass
(e.g.)m=42 g.
g=9.8 m/s^2
to find it divide 42 by 9.8
discribe a law
always true;tested repeatedly and still holds true; relationship that occurs btwn. objects repeatedly
name the three graphs
circle- shows %
bar- compares
line-showss relationships/trends btwn. variables
(e.g.): change over time