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what are the 4 mntn. building processes
1)volcanic-conv. boundaries
(cont.-cont. or
what are the 4 mntn. building processes
1)volcanic- conv.boundary
(cont.-cont. or oceanic-oceanic)
2)fault block mntn.-tension
(normal fault)
3)folded mntn.- conv. boundary
(cont.-cont.) anticline/ syncline= thrust fault
4)plutonic mntn.- *direct virtical force= magma pushes up and solidifies= when eroded= batholith
what are the 3 eq zones?
-the ring of fire
-the mid-Atlantic ridge
-mediterranean-Asian Belt
what are the 3 volcano zones?
-Ring of fire
-mid-Atlantic ridge
-hot spots(Hawaii)
what is a scarp?
a steep cliff formed when HW&FW move/ uplift
what is a fissure?
a long crack in the earth
what is creep
constant, but slow movement
what is a slide?
rapid downslope movement
what is potential energy?
stored energy
what is kinetic energy?
released energy (e.g.)released potential energy
how is life formed on a volcanic island?
hot lava->cools->weathering/ erosion breaks cooled lava into VERY fertile soil->plants->birds
hot lava->cools in h2o->fertile-> sea plants(coral reef)->fish-> predators
the limit to how much stress something can absorb w/out breaking is called
its elastic limit
longitudinal waves are _____ waves and transverse waves are _____ waves
p waves
s waves
the ________________ scale is based on the amount of shaking caused by and eq
Richter Magnitude
the most active eq zone is _____________
the ring of fire
what does the mercalli intensity scale tell a person abt. an eq
the amnt. of damage and ground motion
what are the rocks above the faultplane?
the hanging wall
true or false:
a syncling is a fold w/ an upward bulge
true or false:
a fracture is a break in the rock that has no movement