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Why does the sun ride in the east and set in the west?
because of the rotation
Who predicted the spherical shape and when?
aristotle 350 BC
Why did he predict it had a spherical shape?
because of the earth's curved shadow on the moon during a lunar eclipse
Is the earth perfectly round?
no, a little further around the equator
Earth spins on a .....º axis
What direction does the Earth spin
counter clockwise
What shape is out earth?
what did copernicus state about our rotation'
rotation causes day and night
what is the period of rotation
23 h 56 m
what is the distance from the sun
93 million miles
How long is the revolution?
what is the circumphrence of the earth?
24,903 miles
In the summer, where is the northern hemisphere pointed
towards the sun
What did Kepler say about the orbit?
sun is not centered in the orbit
what is a solstice?
when the earth is the most tilted towards or away from the sun
When is the summer solstice?
june 21
what is special about the summer solstice
longest day of the year
when is the winter solstice
december 21
what is special about the winter solstice
shortest day of the year
what is an equinox
when the sun is directly over the earth's equator
what is the spring and fall equinoxes called
vernal and autumnal
what is the moons ranking in size
5th largest in solar system
what is the moons size compared to earth
27% of its size
how much gravity does the moon have compared toe arth
1/6 of earths gravity
why do u always see the same side of the moon
rotation and revolution are the same, side facing us is heavier
what causes the phases of the moon
Light from sun reflects off the moon Position of the sun, earth and moon
what are the waxing phases
more of the moon can be seen each nite
what r the waning phases
les of the moon cna be seen each nite
what r the crescent phases
less than half the moon is illumiated
what r the gibbous phases
more than half the moon is illumited
what is the phase order
new, wax. c, 1 quarter, wax. gibbous, full, waning gibbous, last quarter, waning crescent
what is an exclipse
when one object casts a shadow on another
when do eclipses occur
when the earth moon and sun r perfectly aligned
what is a solar eclipse
moon casts a shadow on the earth, during new moon
whats a lunar eclpse
earth casts a shadow during moon
what are tides
changes in the ocean water levels at regular intervals
what are tides caused by
moons gravitational pull
when do high tides occur
same side or opposite the moon
when do low tides occur
90 degrees from the moon
what are stars
An object in space made of burning gasses which produces it’s own light and heat
what is nuclear fusion
when the sun makes light and heat, Two Hydrogen atoms combine to form one Helium atom
what is photosphere
surface temp. of sun
what is corona
atmosphere of the sun
waht is core
where nuclear fusion happens..hottest
awhat r the three types of stars
main sequence, white dwarfs, giants or supergiants
what are main sewuence starts
the hottest and largest stars and they generate the most light (Sun)
what r white dwarfs
Very hot stars but not that bright
what r giants or supergiants
Extremely bright stars but not very hot
how is a star formed
there is a nebula..nebula either goes into a low mass or high mass star...a high mass star will go into main sequence and when it runs out of hydrogen will beccome a red supergiant..then a supernova and collapse into either a black hole or neturon star...a low mass star wll go into main sseuence for a long time and then turn into a red giant and collapse into a white dwarf
what r galaxies
A large group of stars, gas and dust held together by gravity
what r the three main types
irregular, elliptical, spiral/barred spiral
what r foour theories on how the moon was made
fission, coformation, capture, and colliion (mos accepted)