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Minerals are naturally occuring means that...
This means that minerals are formed as a result of natural processes.
Minerals are inorganic means that...
This means that no mineral is living or ever was living.
Minerlas are solids means that...
Solides have a definite shape and volume.
Minerals have fixed chemical compositions means that...
MInerals have a definite compositions, they are not mixturesof various amounts of ingredients.
What are elements?
Elements are the basic substances that are the building blocks for all mater. Elements are made up of atoms. The number of protons in the nucleiaof the atoms determines which elemen it is. There are 92 elements.
What are compounds?
2 or more minerals make up a compound.
Minerals have an orderly arrangment of internal atoms means...
Minerals are crystalline becuase their atoms and molecules are in a specific arrangement or pattern.
Minerals and Rocks
all minerals are rocks, but not all rocks are minerals.
Mineral formation is...
The same as all rocks becuase all minerals are rocks.
Properties of minerals are...
Minerals all have characteristtc properties like streak, matallic, nonmatallic, ect.
Minerals and color...
Minerals can be determined by color, but it is better that it is not determined by color.
What is a streak?
When an unknown rock is scratched by a strek plate, and there is a mark left.
What is a rocks hardness?
This is how hard a rock is to be scratched by another thing, or how hard it is to break.
What is luster?
When a rocks new surface is exposed whethere it is matallic or non-matallic or like hematite either.
Density or specific gravity
Density of a specific substance by measuring its volume and dividing.

How can you find a mineral's cleavage and fracture.
It is determined by breaking it.
Types of Cleavage:
1. Basal
2. Cubic
3. Rhombohedral
1. Smooth, flat sheets.
2.Cube or rectangular prism shapes
3.Rhombus or parallelogram
What is conchoidal?
Breaks into smooth, scooped-out bowl.
What is splintery?
Little needles are formed when broken.
What is a crystal structure?
An outward geometric shape of a mineral and like a crystal structure.
Other properties of minerals are...
Chemical with HCI, magnetism, smell.
Common minerals are...
Sodium/calcium feldspar, potassium fledspar, quartz, pyroxene, mica, amphibole, clay, olvine.
What is feldspar?
Family of Silicate minerals.