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Air Mass
Large Body of air with uniform temperature and moisture content.
instrument used to measure wind speed.
strorm that centers outward form a high pressure center.
Bimetal thermometer
instrument used to measure temperature, consisting of a bar made up of two strips of differnet metals that curves when heated and straightens when cooled.
Cold Front
boundary formed where a cold air mass overtakes and lifts a warm air mass.
Continental Polar
Describing a cold, dry air mass that forms over land in polar regions.
Continental Tropical
Describing a cold, dry air mass that forms over land in tropical regions.
Electric Thermometer
instrument used to measure temperature based on the increased flow of electricity through certain materials when the materials are heated.
boundary between air masses of differnet densities.
severe storm that develops over tropical oceans, with strong winds that spiral in toward the intensely low-pressure storm center.
Line drawn on a weather map connecting points of equal atmospheric pressure.
Maritime Polar
Describing a cold, moist air mass that is formed over the ocean in polar areas.
Maritime Tropical
Describing a cold, moist air mass that is formed over the ocena in tropical areas.
Occluded Front
boundary formed where a fast-moving cold air mass overtakes and lifts a warm air mass, completely cutting it off from the ground.
Polar Front
boundary at which cold polar air meets the warmer air of the middle latitudes.
Device that can detect objects and weather conditions in the upper atmosphere by sending and receiving radio waves.
Squall Line
Long line of heavy thuderstorms that may occur just ahead of a fast-moving cold front.
Station Model
cluster of weather symbols plotted on on a map indicating the weather conditions at a particular reporting station.
Stationary Front
boundary formed where two air masses meet and neither is displaced.
instrument that measures temperature changes by recording the movement of the bar of a bimetal thermometer.
storm accopained by thuder, lightning, and strong winds.
whirling, funnel-shaped cyclone.
hurricane that forms over the Pacific Ocean.
Warm Front
boundary formed where a warm air mass overtakes and rises over a cold air mass.
tornado that occurs over the ocean.
Wave cyclone
large storm the develops along cold or stationary fronts, with winds that spiral in toward a central region of low air pressure.
Wind Vane
instrument used to determine the direction of the wind.