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Where was the origin of modern humans?
East Central Africa
The ancestor of modern humans was?
Astrolo Pithicus
Capabilities of Homo Erectus?
Was bipedal, could speak, use fire, used cooperative operations
Cave Murals
25,000 years old. Pictures of sympathetic magic
The effects of the end of the last ice age
Animals moved North which led to a decline in food supply, which created alot of food production
The origin of food production
Created villages/humanity. First food storage
The emergence of the village
Because animals moved North and humans grew and stored food which led to a village
Causes of early wars
Inequality. Some have more than others. Nomads came after food supplies
The invention of writing
Wrote on tablets or blocks of clay. Was called cuneiform system. 3000 BC writing reached full development
Early Sumerian Government
Invented cities-Had a "city state" South=Sumerian. Middle=Akkad. North=Assyria
Made a code of laws that included retaliation
Character of the Assyrians
Conquered most of Mesopotamia. Very big on war. Had trouble paying their military
The chronology of ancient Mesopotamia (people who dominated)
Sumarians-Akkadians-Old Babylonians-Kassites-Assyrians-New Babylonians
New Babylonian astrology
Created idea of celebrating New Years. They kept accurate records of astrology that were continued later by the Greeks and Romans