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the theory that the sun and other planets revolve around the sun
Potolmy, Geocentric theory
the planets, including the earth orbit the sun
Copernicus, Heliocentric theory
Earth centered theory that the other planets revolve around the sun, and the sun and moon revolve around the Earth
Tyco Brahe
__________ furthered Brahe's work:___________ believed that all the planet's revolve around the sun in eliptical orbits
Johannes Keppler
first person to use a telescope to observe celestial bodies
Gallileo Galilei
In 1687 he explained why planets orbit the sun
group of stones that line up with the summer soltice, (6,000 years ago)
stones that align with the sunrise during the winter and summer soltice
tracked the positions of planets and the moon
could predict eclipses and named over 800 stars
Ancient Chinese
(ancient greek astonomer) _____________ explained the phases of the moon and eclipses and argued that the Earth was a sphere
(Native American) ___________ buildings were lined with celestial bodies
took over where the greeks left off- many stars have ____________ic names
Ancient Arabs