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What are age-sets?
When a group of poeple around the same age bond together.
What where the roles of men and women in the early African societies?
Men-Hunted and farmed
Women-Took care of the house and children.
What were some of the types of religion in early African societies?
Unseen spirits of ancestors
Name some examples of language in the early African societies.
No written language
Stories, songs, poems,& proverbs passed down oraly.
Story tellers called griots.
What were some of the arts in early African societies?
Dance, music, carved masks worn during dances & other ritual, and iron.
When was the Iron age in Africa?
500 BC
What were some characteristics of the Nok society?
Produced iron tools
Better farmer, hunters, and warriors
produced fine sculptures
cut down trees down for land.
What were some effects of the Bantu migration?
the spread of agriculture and iron working thechnology.
What were the roles of men and women in the Bantu
Men-tended to cattle
When did the kingdom of Aksum begin?
100 AD