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Intended for or understood by a small, specific group
Esoteric (adj)
To test or tyr; attmt, experiment
Essay (v)
Worty, formidable
Estimable (adj)
A speech honoring the dead
Eulogy (n)
Tending to disappear like vapor; vanishing
Evaneschent (adj)
To sow clearly, to indicate
Evince (v)
To make worse or more severe
Exacerbate (v)
To demand, call for, require, take
Exact (v)
To censure scathingly, to upbraid
Excoriate (v)
Exonerate; to clear of blame
Exculpate (v)
Typical or standard specimen; paradigm, model
Examplar (n)
To incite, to make urgent appeals
Exhort (v)
Urgent; pressing; requiring immediate action or attention
Exigent (adj)
To remove blame
Exonerate (v)
Discuss or write about at length; to range freely
Expatiate (v)