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How Big is the RotoDome
24 ft.
How Many Rudders does it Have
The Tail Group Consists of
Horizontal Stab
Right Inboard Fin
Left inboard Slab Fin
L and R Outboard Fins
How many main Fuselage sections are there
How does the Deicing System work
Pneumatically operated and electrically controlled
What is some Safety to know with Props
Prop Arcs
They Turn
What are the Engines on the E-2
T56-A-427 Turbo Prop with CSD
What is the Prop System
8 Blades
What is the Governor of the Engine
The Prop
Name Some Components of the NP2000 Prop
Eight Blades
A Steel Hub
Integrated Oil Control
Variable Pitch Actuator
Front Spinner
Prop Bulkhead
Prop Adapter
Actuator valve module
How many gallons of Fuel can the E-2 hold
1,824 Gallons
What Type of fuel does the E-2 Use
JP-4 or JP-5
Name some Components of the Fuel System
Engine drive fuel pump
Boost Pumps
Fuel Control
Tank interconnect Valve
Fuel Quantity Probes
Fuel Dump Valves
Fuel Vent Valves
Fuel Nozzles
What Bleed air does the E-2 use
14th Stage Bleed Air
Name systems that uses bleed air
Engine Anti Ice
Aircraft Pressurization
Engine Compartment cooling
Hydraulic reservoir pressurization
Cross Bleed Start
What are the 4 Flap Postions
What is the Max Aileroon droop
What are the three brake modes
How are the Windshield Wipers operated
What is the Greatest Hazards to Battery handeling
The Spewing of Hot electrolyte and the possibility of of a cell explosion or cell short circuit
What Does the Electric Power system do
Generates and Distributes regulated alternating current
How is AC Power Generated
How is DC Power Generated
Transformer - Rectifier
What is Exterior Light used for
Provides illumination for aircraft operations at night, maintenance, and signaling
What is interior lighting used for
Provides instrument, panel, and compartment illumination. also used for signaling
What is Vapor cycle used for
Provides moisture free cool or heated air to electronic equipment and radar equipment
What is the Tactical Mission of the E-2C
It is Designed to accomadate the electronic equipment that is used to patrol stations at some distance from the task force to form an AEW and Survaillance zone
What is the Navigation System used for
Provides th aircraft with guidnace capabilities and refrence information
What are the Communication Systems in the E-2
UHF 1-6
VHF 1-3
What is the Underwater Sonar Acoustic Beacon
A Beacon to Facilitate location of aircraft if its lost at sea
What Does RADAR stand for
Radio Detection and Ranging
What does CEC stand for
Cooperative Engagement Capability
What is the ESM System
Detects and evaluates electronic emissions in selected frequency bands
What Does JTIDS stand for
Joint Tactical Information Distrubution System
What Does JTIDS do
Provides secure data and voice communications transfer
What does RADAR do
It detects and provides tracking data on moving targets over land and sea. It has a Transmitter and Receiver
What does LOX stand For
Liquid Oxygen
What does the liquid oxygen system do
It converts liquid oxygen to gaseous oxygen and delivers it to the crewmembers to provide oxygen to breath
What type of parachute does the E-2 have
What are the 3 Components of the A/P22P-20
Parachute Asssembly
Survival Kit
Emergency Oxygen System
What will be worn or carried at all times in the Aircraft
Life Pressever
Oxygen Mask
Flight Safety Boots
Fire Retardant Flight Suit
Where are the ditching Hatches
Above Pilot and Copilot - 2
Above the ACO station - 1
How many Walk Around Bottles are there
Where is the First aid kits located
on the aft bulkhead in the CIC compartment and in the Cockpit
How Many portable Fire Extinguishers are there
Where are the Portable Fire Extinguishers located
Behind the Pilots seat
between the RO and CICO Seats of the CIC compartment
What does RO stand for
Radar Officer
What does CICO stand for
Combat Information Center Officer
What does ACO stand for
Aircraft Control Officer
What do the Pilot/CoPilot Do
They are responsible for the safe and orderly conduct of the flight
What does the CICO do
Mission Commander
What does the ACO do
Assist the CICO is operation of the mission sub systems
What does the RO do
to operate the Radar system
What is the Mission of the E-2 C
To provide Early Warning and Control services under all weather conditions.
How does the E-2C accomplish its Mission
By Conducting extended electronic search and surveillance operations using passive and active means. to report airborne and surface contacts