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Pharyngeal Delay
In x-ray: Chin down, TTS, Sour bolus, Suck-swallow, Supraglottic
In therapy: Thermal-tactile stimulation
Reduced Pharyngeal Contraction Bilaterally
In x-ray: Lying down, Effortful Swallow
In therapy: Tongue holding maneuver (Masako)
Reduced UES opening
In x-ray: Head rotated, Mendelsohn maneuver
In therapy: Mendelson maneuver, Shaker exercise
Reduced airway entrance closure
In x-ray: Chin down, Super-supraglottic swallow
In therapy: Super-supraglottic swallow
Reduced lingual elevation
In x-ray: Chin up, Supraglottic swallow
In therapy: Range of motion exercises, Palatal augmentation prosthesis
Reduced tongue base retraction
In x-ray: Chin down, Lying down, Tongue holding maneuver (Masako)
In therapy: Tongue holding maneuver (Masako), Gargle, Super-supraglottic Swallow, Effortful Swallow
Unilateral Pharyngeal Wall Weakness
In x-ray: Head rotated to bad side
Reduced Laryngeal Elevation
In x-ray: Lying down, Heat rotated, Super-supraglottic swallow, Mendelsohn maneuver
In therapy: Shaker exercise, Falsetto, Mendelsohn
Apraxia of Swallow
In x-ray: Sour bolus, TTS, Increased pressure on the tongue
Unilateral tongue paralysis
In x-ray: Head tilted, (maybe Chin up)
In therapy: Range of motion exercises, Resistance exercises, Palatal augmentation prosthesis
Delayed Oral Onset
In x-ray: Sour bolus, TTS, Increased pressure on the tongue