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↓ LDL**
↓ P (stroke)

(↓ TG & ↑ HDL)
HMG CoA reductase Inhibition
Liver dx (thus, screen for liver E)
● Fibric acids
● HMG-CoA Reductase Inhibitors
● Alcohol
● Barbiturates

OK w/ BA sequestrants, Nicotinic Acid, or Selective CHL Absorption Inhibitors (e.g. Zetia)
BA Sequestrants--examples
● Cholestyramine
● Cholestipol
● Colesevalam
BA Sequestrants--Targets
↓ LDL (moderately)**

(↓ TG (barely) & ↑ HDL (barely))
BA Sequestrants--C/I
HYPER-TG-emia (>400)
BA Sequestrants--AE
● GI problems
● ↓ Drug Absorption
BA Sequestrants--DDI
● Niacin
● Ezetimibe
● Fluvastatin
● Fibric Acid

OK w/ Statins
Nicotinic Acid--Targets
↓ TG **
↑ HDL **

(↓ LDL)
Nicotinic Acid--MOA
Alters lipoprotein synthesis
Nicotinic Acid--C/I
● Severe gout
● Severe liver dx
Nicotinic Acid--AE
● Flushing
● HYPERglycemia
● Gout
● Hepatotoxicity
Nicotinic Acid--DDI
● BA sequestrants
● Ethanol
● Warfarin
● Vasodilators

OK w/ statins, fibric acid & selective CHL absorption inhibitors (e.g. Zetia)
Selective CHL Absorption Inhibitors--Targets
Selective CHL Absorption Inhibitors--MOA
↓ CHL absorption across intestinal border
Selective CHL Absorption Inhibitors--C/I
● elderly
● hepatic dx
Selective CHL Absorption Inhibitors--AE
●yellowing of the skin or eyes
●dark yellow or brown urine
●muscle pain, tenderness, cramps, or weakness
●unusual tiredness or weakness
Selective CHL Absorption Inhibitors--DDI
● Fibric Acids
● BA Sequestrants
● Warfarin

OK w/ Nicotinic Acid & Statins
Fibric Acid--Targets
↓ TG **
↑ HDL **

[↓LDL(5-20%)in PT's w/o hyperglycemia]
Fibric Acid--MOA
PPAR agonist ↑ LPL activity
Fibric Acid--C/I
● Severe hepatic
● Renal insufficiency
Fibric Acid--AE
●GI distress
Fibric Acid--DDI
● Ezetimibe
● BA Sequestrants
● HMG Co-A Reductase inhibitors

OK w/ Nicotinic Acid
Fibric Acid--DDI
● Ezetimibe
● BA Sequestrants
● HMG Co-A Reductase inhibitors

OK w/ Nicotinic Acid