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Old Treatments
Vinegar &Water: Person is put to bed and the infected spots are cleaned with vinegar and rose water.
Lancing Buboes: When swelling occurs the infected spots are cut open to allow the disease to leave and a mixture is added to it. The mixture is tree resin, white lilies roots, and human excrement.
Bleeding: Veins leading to the heart will be cut open and a mixture of clay an violet are put into the cuts.
Diet: Don’t eat foods that smell badly and should only eat foods like bread, fruits, and vegetables.
Sanitation: Streets are cleaned of waste and the dead are taken outside of the village and burned.
Pestilence Medicine: mixture of fresh laid eggs that are roasted, chopped marigold flower eaves are put into ale and placed over a fire where treadle is added. The person with the disease needs to drink this mixture every morning and night.
Witchcraft: place a live hen next to the spots where the swelling is. They thought it drew out the pestilence. To help with the recovery you should drink your urine twice a day.
Modern Treatments
Antibiotics: Streptomycin
Gentamicin (Garamycin)
Tetracyclines (Sumycin),