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Starters - Wild Onion
battered & fried, w/ creamy paprika dipping sauce
Starters - Bacon Shrimp Skewers
6 grilled, basted in honey lemon butter
Starters - Buffalo Chicken Strips
fried, dipped in cayenne pepper sauce, served w/ celery & bleu cheese dressing
Starters - Firecracker Shrimp
basted w/ chipotle & lime, grilled, served w/ chipotle ranch dressing
10 = $4.99
20 = $8.99
Starters - queso & chips
fresh made chips & salsa w/ melted cheese dip
Starters - chicken strips
hand battered, served w/ honey mustard or bbq sauce
Starters - 7 Layer Nacho Dip
beans, diced chicken or steak, melted cheese, pico de gallo, jalapenos, seasoned sour creme on chips served w/ salsa
Starters - Grilled Quesadillas
Diced chicken or steak, jack & cheddar cheese, sauteed mushrooms, on a flour tortilla; served w/ pico de gallo & sour creme
Starters - Creamy Chicken Corn Chowder
self explanatory
Starters - Soup of the Day
soup de jour
entree salad- lettuce, cucumbers, tortilla strips, pico de gallo, and jack cheddar cheese. with chicken breast (lime and chipotle)
southwestern chicken salad
entree salad- lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, jsck cheddar cheese, onions and bacon. battered chicken.
Fried Chicken Salad
entree salad- lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, jack cheddar cheese and sliced onions. CAB on top.
Certified Angus Beef Steak Salad
entree salad- Romain Lettuce w/ceasar dressing, parmesan cheese and grilled chicken breast.
Chicken Ceasar Salad
entree salad- lettuce, cucumbers, tortilla strips, pico de gallo and jack cheddar cheese with flaky sea bass filet (lime and chipotle seasoned).
Cipotle Sea Bass Salad
Steak- Award Winning. Certified Angus Beef.
CAB Top Sirloin
half pound: 13.79
11 oz: 15.79
Steak- tender and grilled 8 oz
Blue Ribbon Filet
Steak- Slow roasted. comes with au jus and creamy horseradish.
Oak Grilled Prime Rib
10 oz: 15.99
14 oz: 17.99
Steak- most tender steak
Center Cut Filet
Steak- no bones. well marbeled.
Cowboy Ribeye
10 oz: 14.99
1 pound: 19.99