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(adj.- appearance) slender, thin; reduced in force, manner, or degree; weakened

Because of his arm injury, his effort was so _attenuated_ on the second competition day that he lost the decathalon.

(adj.- appearance) attractive

Since the manager only interviewed the most attractive applicants, his offices were noted for their _comely_ secretaries.

(adj.- appearance) fat, fleshy

It's rare to find a _corpulent_ submariner since fat sailors cannot easily move around in such close spaces.

(adj - appearance) pertaining to an ostentatiously or elegantly dressed man

With that feather in his cap, Yankeee Doodle did look a bit like a _dandy_.

(adj.- appearance) neat, trim, smart in dress or appearance

The more _dapper_ you are in your business wardrobe, the less likely people will suspect that you are a slob at home.

(adj.- appearance) abnormally thin or wasted

Many of the Union prisoners at Andersonville prison during the Civil War were as _emaciated_ as the prisoners seen in Dachau in WW II.

(adj - appearance) excessively concerned with being fashionable; characteristic of a fop

Some male gays are the most _foppish_ people you will ever see.

(adj. - appearance) untidy or neglected in appearance

The women was so _frowsy_ in her appearance that everyone assumed she was too mentally disturbed to even care.

(adj.- appearance) abnormally thin, especially from lack of nourishment

The failing Romanian orphanage was filled with hundreds of _gaunt_, blank eyed, unsmiling children with no place to go.

(adj. - appearance) plain or unattractive in appearance

While the more comely orphans were quickly adopted, the more _homely_ ones were likely to spent their whole childhood in the orphanage.

(adj.- appearance) awkwardly or ungracefully tall ot thin

The _lanky_ and unathletic pitcher was an interesting sight as he sometimes actually fell off the mound after throwing a fastball.

(adj.- appearance) pale, especially from illness or shock

Still recovering from major surgery, the _pallid_ teacher tried her best to control the class.

(adj.- appearance) having great beauty

Strangely, the _pulchritudinous_ princess grew up to to be the ugliest queen in the history of her country.

(adj.- appearance) tall and thin in appearance

The _rangy_ stranger ducked his head under the low transom of the cabin door as he entered.

(adj. - appearance) round, plump

The fat man, unsatisfied with his _rotundancy_, vowed to eat less and to exercise twice a day for the next year.

(adj. - appearance) - pertaining to clothes and tailors

Probably because his father was a lead tailor at a posh men's shop, Bob was noted for his _sartorial_ correctness.

(adj. - appearance) pertaining to hair or haircutting

The shaggy haired hippies from the sixties were certainly not noted for their _tonsorial_ correctness.

(adj. - appearance) relating to untidiness or slovenliness in women.

The ugly parade of sloppy women inmates was just a depressing line of one arrogant _slattern_ marching behind another, nothing more.

(adj.- appearance) untidy, dirty

A slattern is a _slovenly_ women.

(swan-yay') = French
(n., adj.- appearance) meticulously dressed, well-groomed person

Women who refuse to go outdoors without being meticulously dressed and groomed are referred to as _soignee_.

(adj. - appearance) fat or corpulant

The _stout_ man was too rotund to fit through the narrow opening)

(adj. - appearance) slender, willowly, elegant, graceful

Princess Grace seemed to be as svelte as her husband Prince Ranier was stout.
swarthy (swôr'THē)

(adj. - appearance) dark complexioned

There are many more _swarthy_ men in Iran than there are in fair-skinned Sweden.

(adj. - appearance) untidy, neglected in appearance

He had fallen into bed drunk in his old clothes and woke up looking like the most _unkempt_ person in the neighborhood.

(adj. - appearance) unhealthily pale; sickly, unhappy, and melancholy in appearance

I've been sick with the flu for a week and would look too _wan_ and worn out to impress any job candidate.

(adj. appearance) a sickly yellowish hue or complexion

Here I was, involuntarily spending a week in a pale, pukey yellow apartment with an equally _sallow_ old hostess who complained day in and day out.

(her'-suit; here'-suit)
(adj. - appearance) hairy, covered with hair.

While the Japanese normally are relatively hairless, in the North of Japan the Ainu are surprisingly _hirsute_.

(adj. - appearance) weakened or destroyed in strength or vitality

Washington Irving's character Icabod Crane was a lanky,_enervated_, man who spured little confidence in those he met.

(adj. - appearance/behavior) bubbly in behavior, in high spirits

His rather _effervescent_ way of teaching kept all of his students alert and interested.