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What is the treatment for chemical burns?
In what conditions is dental amalgam scrap stored?
The temperature of water supplied from a three-way syringe should be set at approximately which of the following temperatures?
130 deg F
What type of system consists of a dental chair, unit, and light?
Dental delivery
Intermediate maintenance, performed by a DET or contracted service
Level II
When securing the dental chair, in what position should you place it?
What is the first rule for operating and performing user maintenance on equipment?
Read manufacturer^s instructions
What is the most efficient way to remove debris from a patient^s mouth?
High-volume evacuator
What type of bur is used in a high-speed handpiece?
Often called scheduled maintenance
Preventive maintenance (PM)
When aboard a ship, how is mercury-contaminated waste packaged?
Double boundary
Applies to equipment that normally requires no scheduled maintenance.
No maintenance
What color dot is the international symbol for the water control on the dental unit?
What safety protection is worn when using a visible curing light?
Filtering lenses
Maintenance requires complete overhaul.
Level III
At least how often should the strainer of the central vacuum system be removed and cleaned?
In what motion does the forked prongs of an amalgamator move?
Figure eight
A high-speed handpiece can be operated at what maximum rpm?
What type of accessory provides the operator with a source of artificial illumination through the dental handpiece?
Fiber optics
What must the manufacturer supply to a buyer of products that contain hazardous chemical?
Material Safety Data Sheet
What type of water system is being used with dental units to assist with infection control?
Most dental equipment items are classified under what Federal Supply Classification?
. Basic maintenance required to keep equipment operating on a daily basis.
Level I
What NAVMED form is used to determine workload and assign priorities for DETs?
What type of substance is used to clean the fiber optic surfaces of the dental handpieces?
Isopropyl alcohol
When you are replacing a dental light, what substance would you use to clean the bulb if you touched it by mistake?
Ethyl alcohol
When mercury contamination occurs, what type of decontamination kit is used for the cleanup?
What technique should personnel use when handling amalgam?
What color dot is the international symbol for air control on the dental unit?
The high intensity light radiation emitted from the VLC is capable of causing what type of an injury from chronic exposure?
In what BUMED instruction can mercury control procedures be found?
The rights of employees to know the potential dangers associated with hazardous chemicals in the workplace are established by what organization?
What type of rotary instrument is used in the high-speed handpiece?
Friction grip
Often referred to as corrective maintenance.
Unscheduled maintenance
What are the two styles of headrests?
Horseshoe and articulating
How often are amalgamators inspected for mercury globules and cleaning?
Accidental contact with radiographic chemicals is washed off with water and what other material?
pH-balanced soap