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most common primary sources of metastases to the brain...
lung, breast, melanoma, gi
majority of brain cancers are...?
radial nerve...action? damaged?
- extension of the wrist
- WRIST DROP if damaged
- damaged via HUMERAL fracture
ulnar nerve...action? damaged?
- finger abduction
- CLAW HAND if damaged
- damaged via elbow dislocation
median nerve
- pronation of thumb and opposition
- damaged via carpal tunnel syndrome or humeral fracture
paresthesias elicited via palm tapping
tinel's sign (carpal tunnel syndrome)
axillary nerve
- abduction and lateral rotation of arm
- damaged w/ upper humeral dislocation or fracture
obese young woman with PAPILLADEMA and NEGATIVE CT/MRI scan of the head
pseudotumor cerebri
child/teenager who constantly clears their throat, and randoomly bursts out profanity!
tourette's syndrome
day time falling asleep?
- cataplexy (daytime falling asleep)
mcc of dementia?
alzheimers and multi-infarcts
facial port wine stain + seizure + mental retardation?
sturge-weber syndrome
EXTENSION of the BIG toe w/ striking of the bottom of the foot?
+ babinski sign = UMN lesion
common cause of SUBARACHNOID hemorrhage ?
- trauma
- berry aneurysm
bloody tap on the LP?
subarachnoid hemorrhage
crescent shaped hyperdensity seen on the CT that DOES NOT cross the midline?
subdural hematoma
altered mental status with an INTERVENING LUCID interval?
epidural hematoma --> mcc by damage to the MIDDLE MENINGEAL ARTERY
acute, broken speech ?
broca's aphasia --> damage to frontal lobe that is supplied via the MIDDLE CEREBRAL ARTERY
pain in neck on FLEXION and meningeal irritation?
+ brudzinski's sign (meningitis)
UNILATERAL PERIORBITAL headache with a "tearing" feeling?
cluster headache
photophobia + nausea + headache ? prevented how?
migraine headache
- prevented w/ beta blockers / ccb's/ tca's
headache + bilateral hemianopsia y amenorrhea ? treated how?
pituitary tumor --> prolactinoma
- treat with DA agonist (bromocriptine)
vertigo + tinnitis + hearing loss ?
meniere's disease
seizures in children, 2-10?
- infection and trauma
seizures in adults, 10-40?
trauma or alcohol withdrawal
atrophy of the mamillary bodies?
resting tremor + rigidity + lewy bodies ?
parkinson's disease
- degenration of neurons in SN due to dopamine depletion
- treat with BALSA
- bromocriptine, amantadine, levadopa/carbidopa, selegiline, anticholinergic?
bilateral chorea (involuntary dancing movements)
huntington's disease
- caudate degeneration (AD) expression
hyperphagia + hypersexuality + hyperorality + hyperdocility ?
Kluver- bucy syndrome
- affects the amygdala
UMN + LMN lesions simultaneously?
Incrsd PROTEIN in CSF WITHOUT an increase in cell number? (albuminocytologic dissociation)
- ascending paralysis?