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Sexual Activity Stages
1) Desire
2) Excitement
3) Orgasm
4) Resolution
Rarest stage for sexual disorders to occur:
Subtypes of Sexuality Disorders
1) Lifelong (ie-unable to orgasm)
2) Acquired ( ie- from a medical condition)
3) Generalized (happens everywhere)
4) Situation (specific situation)
Hypoactive Sexual Desire D/O
-low sex drive
-lifelong= always had it
-generalized= not that interested in sex
Coding Notes for Sexual Dysfunctions
Due to Psychological Factors or
Due to Combined Factors (psychological & gen. med. condition)
Sexual Aversion D/O
Sexual thoughts but doesn't want contact w/ another's genitals to an extreme degree.
Difference between Hypoactive Sexual Desire and Sexual Aversion D/O
Sexual Aversion is the loathing of genitals or extreme disgust
Female Sexual Arousal D/O
-common, up to 1/3 of women.
-may also have Dyspareunia and Hypoactive Sexual Desire d/o
-biological factors (antihistamines, anticholenergics, postmenopausl)
-Lack of Lubrication
Main cause of Male Orgasmic Disorders.

*Wellbutrin: tx depression & doesn't interfere with sexual desire
Greek word for "painful intercourse"
-ache, twinge or sharp pain
-symptom and a diagnosis (comorbid with Vaginismus)
-if pain is due to lack of lubrication it is not Dyspareunia
-patient experiences a cramping contraction of her vaginal muscles when she attempt to have sexual intercourse
-French word for "rub"
- usually takes place on sidewalks or public transportation
-ejaculation usually occurs within the time it takes to get from one bus/subway stop to the next
-usually begins in adolescence, sometimes caused by observing others in same activity
Gender Identity D/O
-patient feels intensely uncomfortable with their own biological sex. Some actually detest their own genitalia
-GID is rare
-Male patients have low sex drive, if any at all
-Nearly all affected women are attracted to other women