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abnormalities social, cognitive, motor, language and behavior
1. qualitative impairment social interaction
2. qualitative impairment communication
3. restricted/repetitive and stereotyped behaviors/interests/activities
4. before age 3
Rett's Disorder
progressive pattern of dev regression before age 4
life-long communication and behavior problems
initial decelerated head growth, loss hand skills, stereotyped hand movements
regression worsens -- gait/trunk movements, express/recept lang problems, lose interest social environment
no delay language development, self-help skills, cognitive dev or curiosity environ
social and communication deficits, behavior/interest patterns
types of schizo
1. disorganized
2. catatonic
3. paranoid
4. undifferentiated
5. residual (still have negative or lessened positive)
risk schizo
1. unrelated
2. bio siblings
3. DZ twins
4. MZ twins
1. unrelated 1%
2. bio siblings 10%
3. DZ twins 16%
4. MZ twins 48%
somatization disorder
repeated and multiple somatic complaints
-- 4 pain symptoms
-- 2 gastro
-- 1 sexual
-- 1 pseudoneurological
undifferentiated somatoform disorder
at least 1 physical complaint at least 6 months
types of Dissociative Disorders
1. Dissociative Amenesia
2. Dissociative Fugue
3. Dissociative Identity Disorder
4. Depersonalization Disorder
5. Dissociative Disorder NOS
types of seizures
1. generalized tonic-clonic seizures
2. generalized absence seizures
3. simple partial seizures (focal onset, jerky 1 side)
4. complex partial seizures (focal onset, confused/stare blankly)