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What do the cardiac drugs affect?
1. Heart rate
2. Heartbeat
3. Output of the blood
4. Strength of contraction
What does the drug digoxin (Lanoxin)do?
Strengthening of the heart musculature
What must be done before giving digoxin (Lanoxin)?
The pulse must always be taken before administerig a dose. (60 beats/minute or higher)
What is the antidote for digoxin poisoning?
digoxin immune Fab.
Heart Failure
The heart is not circulating blood at a satisfactory rate.
What kind of drug is digoxin (Lanoxin)?
Inotropic Drug
Inotropic Drug
Affecting the contraction of muscle, especially heart muscle
What is the desired effect from digoxin (Lanoxin)?
Slowing of the rate of contraction.
What are some side effects of an overdose of digoxin?
Nausea, vomiting and visual disturbances.