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What is a drug?
"any chemical entity other than those required for the maintenance of normal health, the administration of which alters the biological function and possible structure of the organism."
Australian Sports Drug Agency 1998
Where was the first drug testing program at major sporting event.
1955 cycle race in France.
What are the reasons for drug use?
- Coaches with unrealistic goals
- Fellow competitors which use state-of-the-art technology to gain the advantage.
- Parents with impossibly high expectations
What are the IOC prohibited substances?
- Stimulants
- Testosterone
- Anabolic steroids
- Narcotic analgesics
- Diuretics
- Peptide and glycoprotein hormones
What are the IOC restricted substances?
- Marijuana
- Corticosteroids
- Caffeine
- Alcohol
- Beta blockers
What are some examples of stimulants?
- Amphetamines
- Cocaine
- Caffeine
- Ephidrine
What are the two groups of analgesics?
- Narcotic analgesics
- Non-narcotic or minor analgesics
What are some examples of central nervous system depressants?
- Tranquillisers
- Alcohol
- Narcotic analgesics
- Codeine
What are the other ergogenic practices?
- Blood doping
- Carbohydrate loading
- Dietary supplements