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albuterol aka
proventil, ventolin
proventil dose
2.5mg nebulized
adenocard indications
SVT, PSVT, narrow complex tach of unnown origin
ventolin indications
COPD, asthma, anaphlyaxis(wheezing)
ventolin MOA
dilates bronchioles
adenosine AKA
adenosine indications
PSVT, SVT, Narrow tach. of unknown origin
adenocard class
adenosine contraindications
adenocard dose
6mg,12mg,12mg, IVP q 1-2 minutes
not to exceed 30 mg total dose
adenosine MOA
slows conduction time through AV node
activated charcoal class
adsorbent, antidote
activated charcoal MOA
binds to toxin
activated charcoal indications
OD/ po
activated charcoal contraindications
ingestion of caustic substances, petroleum product, acids
activated charcoal dose
1g/kg in 6-8oz water
aspirin dose
160-325mg PO
aspirin class
NSAID, anticoagulant
prevents platelets from clotting
aspirin cautions
coumadin ( or other blood thinners), pregnancy, peds
aspirin indications
benadryl AKA
benadryl MOA
blocks histamine receptors, reduces edema,
diphenhydramine dose
25-50mg IVP/IM
diphehydramine class
antihistamine, anticholenergic
2 classes
diphenhydramine Indications
anaphylaxis, allergies, motion sickness, phenothazine reaction
benadryl contraindication
epi 1:1000 AKA
epi 1:1000 indications
anaphylaxis, respiratory wheezing
epi 1:1000 class
epi 1:1000 MOA
EPI 1:1000 DOSE
0.3-0.5 MG SQ q 5- 15 minutes
epi 1:1000 caution
not for use with active labor
Epi 1:10,0000dose for severe anaphylaxis
0.1mg over 5 minutes
epi 1:10,000 DOSE for cardiac arrest
1mg IV q 3-5 minutes
Epi 1:10,000 ET dose for cardiac arrest
2mg ET
ET dose always double IV dose
epi racemic class
epi racemic dose
MDI 2-3 inhallations q 5 minutes
epi racemic solution dose
dilute 5ml in 5ml NS give over 15 minutes
no MDI
lasix AKA
furosemide class
loop diuretic
furosemide dose
0.5-1mg/kg over 1-2 minutes
if no effect double dose to 2mg/kg
lasix indications
CHF, pulmonary edema hypertensive crisis
lasix MOA
diuretic, anti-hypertensive
atrovent AKA
atrovent caution
single use only
atrovent dose
500mcg in 2.5 ml NS via nebulizer
OR mix with 2.5ml albuterol
ipratropium class
ipratropium MOA
dilates bronchioles,
blocks act receptors and dries secretions
xylocaine AKA
lidocaine class
anti-arhytmic, analgesic
lidocaine MOA
supresses automaticity, raises ventricular threshold, local analgesic
xylocaine dose for v-tach
1-1.5mg/kg SIVP
xylocaine dose for cardiac arrest
1-1.5mg/kg IV q 3-5 minutes
lidocaine drip dose for maintenance
after converting pvc's, v-tach, v-fib, arrest
1-4mg/min drip
lidocaine indications
arrest, v-tach/ v-tach with pulses, PVC's
use for lidocaine jelly
local analgesic for use with NPA
lidocaine cautions
max dose 3mg/kg, caution in 3rd degree heart blocks
mag-sulfate class
mag sulfate indications
eclampsia, v-fib/v-tach, AMI, torsades se pointes
4 each has different dosage
unusual dosage feature of mag sulfate
all doses are grams not micro or miligrams
mag sulfate dose v-fib/v-tach
1-2g over 1-2 minutes
MAG dose for torsades se pointes
1-2g in 1oml over 5-20 minutes
MAG dose for eclampsia
1-4g IV/IO over3minutes
mag-sulfate dose for torsades de pointes
1-2g in 10ml over 5-20 minutes
mag-sulfate dose for AMI
1-2g in 100ml over 5-60 minutes
mag sulfate method of action
CCB, depresses CNS, anti-convulsant,
mag-sulfate contraindications
heart blocks, shock, hypertension, hypocalcemia
solu-medrol AKA
methlyprednisolone class
glucosteroid, anti-inflammatory, synthetic corticsteroid
solu-medrol indications
asthma, COPD, anaphylaxis, spinal cord injury
solu-medrol MOA
synthetic adrenal steroid effective as an anti-inflammatory
slou-medrol dose for respiratory problem
1-2mg/kg IV
solu-medrol dose for spinal injury
30mg/kg IV over 30 minutes then after 45 minutes infuse at a rate of 5.4 mg/kg/hr
solu-medrol SE
headache, HT, sodium and water retention, alkolosis, nausea, vomitting
methlyprednisolone contraindications
premature infants, systemic fungal infections, caution with gi bleed
special considerations for use of methlyprednisolon in a spina cord injury
not effective in spinal cord injury greater than 8 hrs, crosses placenta harmful to fetus
name a corticosteroid that supresses acute and chronic inflammation (beta adrenergic agonist)
drug that reduces striated muscle contractions and blocks peripheral neuromuscular transmission by reducing ACH releases
drug that manages seizures in toxemia of pregnancy, induces uterine relaxation,
mag sulfate
contraindications for mag-sulfate
heart blocks, myocardial damage
SE for MAG
cns depressant, facial flushing, diaphoresis, circulatory collapse, hypotension
MAG drug interactions
may enhance other cns depressants, serious changes in cardiac function with glycosides
drug that decreases automaticity bt slowing rate of phase four depolarization
alternative drug to amiodarone in cardiac arrest from v-fib/ pulseless v-tach
anti arrythmic that is also used as a local analgesic
SE of xylocaine
slurred speech, seizures, altered mental status,bradycardia blurred vision
nitroglycerin class
Nitroglycerin AKA
nitrostat, tridil
indications for tridil
acute angina pectoris, ischemic chest pain, hypertension, CHF, pulmonary edema
nitrostat drug interactions
agonist effect with other vasodilator's ie:erectile dysfunction drugs
Tridil dose
0.3-0.4mg SL q 3-5 minutes max. 3 doses
nitrostat spray dose
0.4mg SL 1-2 spray's
tridil MOA
smooth muscle relaxant acts on vascular, bronchial, uterine, GI, dilates peripheral vascular system, reducing preload and after load
tridil SE
headache, hypotension, syncope, nausea, vomitting, diaphoresis
tridil contraindications
hypotension, hypovolemia, intercranial bleed, ED drugs
erectile dysfunction, name four most common drugs
cialis, viagra, revatio, levitra
Amiodarone AKA
cordarone, pacerone
Cordarone dose
300mg IVP/IO diluted in 20-30ml D5w
Pacerone class
cordarone MOA
blocks NA+ channels and blocks myocardial K+ channels
Amiodarone indications
Arrest, V-fib/pulseless V-Tach, unstable V-tach in pt's refractory to other therapy
Amiodarone SE
hypotension, bradycardia, prolonged PR, QRS & Q-T intervals
special considerations for pacerone
monitor pt for hypotension, may worsen arrythmias or precipitate arrythmias
contraindications for cordarone
cardiogenic shock, sinus brady, heart blocks, 3rd degree Av block without pacemaker
six rights for drug administration
dose,pt, route, med., time,document
beta 1 receptor agonist effect
increases heart rate, contractility, produces automaticity, and trigger conduction
beta 2 receptor agonist effects
vasodilation, bronchodilation
alpha 1 receptor agonist effects
peripheral vasoconstriction, mild bronchoconstriction, speed metabolism
Alpha 2 agonist uses for prehospital
-mimetic means
mimes, mimics,
-lytic means
destroy, opposite, opposes, depresses
adrenergic definition
adrenalin, epi, and norepi
what happens if you stimulate alpha receptors
reduces vasoconstriction and reduces edema
sympathetic controls originate where
thoracic and lumber spine
major messengers of sympathetic NS
epi and nor-epi
adrenergic nerves release
epi and nor-epi
parasypmathetic nerves originate where
brain stem and sacral spine
parasympathomimetic agonist effect the heart how
decrease rate and onotropy
cholinergic nerves release
nicotinic receptors are stimulated by
muscarnic receptors are stimulated by
cholinergic receptors stimulate the
parasympathetic system
salivation, lacrimation, urination, defication, gastric(upset/cramps), emesis
excessive cholinergic stimulation results in
what type of agonist is not used due to the fact that it disables ANS
muscnic antagonist effects
decrease secretions, increases heart rate, dilates pupils, and decrease GI
between teeth and gums
Naloxone, atropine, vasopressin, epinephrine, lidocaine
2 mneumonics for et tube drugs
how long should it take for drugs to circulate during CPR
1-2 minutes
SQ dose is typically less than
IM dose is usually less than
what type of meds cannot pass through placenta to fetus
nonlipid soluble
pharmacodynamics also known as
most common second messenger
cyclic adenosine monophosphate
ratio of drugs lethal dose for 50% of population to its effective dose for 50% of the population
therapeutic index
SLUDGE can be caused by ingestion of
fertilizers and insectisides
what agonist should be used in respiratory emergency
beta 1 agonist
iatrogenic reaction
adverse condition inadvertently caused by treatment
pt becomes rapidly tolerent to drug
an analgesic that does not depress the respiratory system
opoid agonist-antagonist
salicylates, NSAID's, and Para-aminophenol's all have what in common
non-opoid analgesics
name a salicylate drug
name an NSAID
name a para-aminophenal
benzodiazepines have what effect
sedative hypnotic
a non barbituate hypnotic
sodium blocker act as
2nd line of drugs for respiratory that relaxes smooth muscles of airway, and stimulates cardiac and CNS
well known xanthine
chronotropic refers to
lowers Na+,Ca+, K+
loop diuretic
a diuretic given with antihypertensive medication
beta blocker effects
lower cardiac output
calcium channel blocker
what type of blocker has anti-arrythmic and anti hypertensive effects
salicylic acid
dissolves clots
high cholesterol
corticoid steroid effect
erectile dysfunction drugs are known as
formula for celcius to farenheit
c x 1.8+32 =
braslo tape use effective up to how many kilos
what drug supresses uterian contractions and is a tocolytic
medical aspesis
aseptic technique
sterilize means
destruction of all organisms
valium specific for anal insertion
breakable sterile glass container that contain 1-10ml
what can happen if fluid leaks into osteofascial space during IO
compartment syndrome
et drugs should be diluted how
in 10ml NS
in order to administer intranasal drugs use a
MAD mucusal atomizer device
name a beta 2 agonist:
hint dilates bronchioles
an anticholenergic drug that is usually nebulized with 2.5-3ml NS
what should be closely monitored when using beta agonist
amiodarone AKA
cordarone, pacerone
amiodarone dose
300mg IV/IO In 20-30ml NS
can be followed by second dose after 3-5 minutes @150 mg
max cummlative dose for amiodarone
cordarone indications
V-fib/[ulseless v-tach, unstable v-tach refractory to other treatments
amiodarone MOA
Na+ channel blocker/ and blocks myocardial K+ channels
Atropine sulfate class
anticholinergic agent
Atropine MOA
parasympatholytic:inhibits Ach: increases heart rate
drug of choice for hemodynamically unstable bradycardia
atropine used in what type of poisoning
organophosphate poisoning
atropine indications
unstable bradycardia, asystole, bradycardic PEA,
organophosphate poisoning
atopine dose
1mg q 3-5 minutes max three doses
atropine unstable brady dose
half of dead guy dose
atropine contraindications
tachy, narrow angle glaucome, unstable cardio status with acute hemmorrhage, or ischemia
Cyanide antidote kit AKA
amyl nitrate, sodium nitrate, thiosulfate
drug given as last ditch effort for asthma that is unresponsive to other treatments
dose of mag-sulfate for asthma
Digoxin AKA
Digoxi MOA
increases force and contractility, increases redractory period of av node
Digoxin Indications
CHF re-entry SVT caused by A-fib and a flutter
drug interactions for lanoxin
Amiodarone, verapamil quinidine
How is digoxin supplied
2ml ampules of 0.5 0.5mg/ml
digoxin dose for SVT due to a-fib/ a-flutte
Diazepam Also known as
valium class
inotropic agent
diazepam MOA
raises seizure threshold, induces amnesia and sedation
Indications for valium
anxiety, alchol with drawal, seizure activity, analgesia for medical purposes
diazepam dose
5-10mg IV q 10-15min. PRN
max dose 30mg
how is diazepam supplied
Valium's adverse reactions
respiratory depression, hypotension , ataxia
Calcium chloride class
Calcium Chloride MOA
positive inotropic effect, May enhance ventricular automaticity
Calcium chloride indication
hypocalcemia, hypercalemia, mag sulfate OD, CCB OD
contraindiications for Calcium chloride
V-ib, digitalis toxicity, hypercalcemia
drug interactions for Calcium chloride
do not mix or immediately follwing sodium bicarb without flushing first
How is Calcium Chloride supplied
prefilled syringes
100mg/ml 10% solution in 10ml
Calcium Chloride dose
500-100mg IV for hyperkalemia or CCB OD ( 5-10ml)
repeat as needed
adverse reactions for calcium chloride
bradycardia, asystole, hypotension, local necrosis, nausea and vomitting
DIltiazem AKA
cardizem, lyoject
cardizem class
Diltiazem class
lyo-ject class
Cardizem class
cardizem iindications
SVT due to A-fib /A-flutter
cardizem drug interactions
do not use with beta blockers
Side effects for cardizem
brady cardia, 2nd and 3rd degree blocks, V-tavh
dose for diltiazem
025mg/kg IV over 2 minutes ( avg 15-20mg)
follow up dose .035mg/kg (avg 20-25mg)
diltiazem maintenance dose
infuse at a rate of 5-15mg/hr
how is diltiazem supplied
25mg/5ml or 50mg/10ml
dose for cardizem
2nd dose for cardizem is how much
Glucagon class
insulin antagonist/ pancreatic hormone
MOA for glucagon
increases blood glucose levels , stabilizes cardiac rythm in beta blocker OD
Glucagon indications
altered level of consciousness
with hypoglycemia.
May be used as a inotropic agent in beta blocker OD
Contraindications for glucagon
Side effects of glucagon
nausea and vomitting , tachycardia, hypertension
how is glucagon supplied
1mg ampules, (that require reconstitution )
dose for glucagon in hypoglycemic pt
.5-1mg im q 7-10 min,
dose for glucagon if pt suffers from CCB, or beta blocker OD
3mg followed by 3mg per hour as needed
haloperidol AKA
Haldol class
tranquilizer, antipsychotic
Haldol MOA
inhibits CNS catecholamine receptors
Haloperidol side effects
hypotension, drooling, dystonia
haloperidol indications
acute psychotic episode
contraindications for haldol
agitationsecondary to shock or hypotension
drug interactions for haldol
enhanced CNS depression & hypotension with etoh.
dose of haldol
2-5mg IM q 30-60 min
how is haldol supplied
5mg/ml ampules
isoetharine is also known as
bronchosol/ bronkometer
isoetharine class
bronkometer MOA
beta 2 agonist/ relaxes smooth muscles of the bronchioles
indications for bronchosol
acute bronchial asthma (especially in COPD pt)
contraindications for Isoetharine
caution with diabetic pt and hyperthyroid pt
Side effect of isoetharine
Tachycardia, palpitations, multiple doses may cause paroxysmal bronchspasm
hoe is bronkometer suppiled
MDI 2ml unit dose
dose for isoetharine
1-2 inhalations
mixed dose for isoetharine with COPD pt
2.5-5.0g in 3ml ns