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What is the generic name and dosage for Alavert; its class; Indications; is it available OTC; what is added to Alavert ODT? Dose?
Alavert is Loratadine 10 mg tabs; Antihistamine; Tx for seasonal AR; is available OTC; Alavert ODT adds phenylalanine? 1 PO Q day
What is the generic name for Allegra? Class? Size? Indications? Adult RX, Ped Rx, Precautions, Interactions, Adverse reactions
Allegra is an Antihistamine called Fexofendaine HCL; it is available in 30,60, and 180 mg tabs; Indicated for AR (seasonal)& chronic idiopathic urticaria; Adults = 180 mg QD or 60 mg BID for AR and 60 mg BID for urticaria and initial 60mg QD for Renal impairment
Children < 6=not!; 6-11= 30 mg BID; Renal impairment = 30 mg QD ;
Category C / nursing mothers
CI w/ AL or MG antacids
Adv R's= HA, Back Pain, Viral infection, GI upset, sinusitis, Dizziness, drowsiness; Children= cough
What is the class and generic of Benadryl?
Antihistamine OTC; Diphenhydramine HCL
Class, Generic, Indication , Precautions for Clarinex
Antihistamine Rx; desloratadine 5mg, SAR/PAR/CIU; CAT C; Varied forms for Ped dosage
Class, Generic, Indication; Precautions for Claritin
Antihistamine OTC; Loratadine 10 mg; AR and Itching; caution in PG/ nursing mothers; hives relief but not a sub for epi! Varied forms for Ped dosage
Class, Generic, Indications; Precautions for Cyproheptadine HCL
Antihistamine, Cyproheptadine HCL is the generic; Indicated for AR and vasomotor AR, conjunctivitis, urticaria, angioedema and reactions to blood'
CI's=MAOI's, Glaucoma, GI or urinary obstruction
Generic name for Palgic, Indications, Dosing, CI's, Precautions, interactions, Adverse reactions, HOw supplied?
Palgic is an Antihistamine Generic Carbinoxamine Maleate 4 mg; scored tabs; for SAR/ PAR/ BSM
Generic name for Singulair, Indications, Adults & Children, Precautions, Interactions, Adverse reactions, How supplied
Sigulair is a leukotrien receptor antagonist gen-montelukast (as sodium)10 mg tabs; indicated for SAR/PAR for adults and children >2 y/o caution when withdrawing form oral steroids; Cat B; nursing moms; Interactions=Monitor pts w/ CYP450 inducers (phenobarbital/ rifampin) and CYP2C8 (paclitaxel, rosiglitazone, repaglinide) Adv R's= URI's in adults; URIs, OM, HA, and pharyingitis in children; Supplied as Tabs, chew tabs 30, 90, and Oral granules 30
Class, Generic name for Vistaril; Indications, Adult/ Child dosing; CI's; Precautions; Interactions, Adverse reactions, How Supplied
Vistaril is an Antihistamine generic Hydroxyzine pamoate 25 mg, 50 mg caps; also ava in suspension Hydroxine pamoate 25 mg/ 5 ml; Indicated for Allergic pruritis; adults (25 mg TID, QID; and children > 6 years 50-100 mg/day in divided doses; Precautions in elderly; Interactions= Potentiates CNS depression w/ alcohol or other CNS depressants (meperidine, barbiturates); Adv R's=Drowsiness, dry mouth, tremor, convulsions;
AVA Caps-100; Susp 4 oz pt
Zyrtec: Generic name, indication, Dosage, Contraindication, Precatuions, Interactions, Adv Rs, and How Supplied
Zyrtec is an antihistamine called Certriine HCL 5mg; 10 mg tabs; available in chewable and syrup; Indications for AR & CIU;
CI's=Hydroxyzine sensitive
Precautions=Hepatic/Renal Dysf; Elderly, Pg Cat B; nursing moms not reccommened;
Interactions= Potentiates CNS depressants w/ ETOH & other CNS depressants; may be potentiated w large doses of theophylline.
AR's= somnolence, dry mouth, pharyngitis, GI upset/ pain/ cough/ somnolence / fatigue/ bronchospasm/ irritablitly/ insomnia
Supplied as tabs-100; chew tabs-30 or syrup 4oz and 16 oz