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blocks glutamate NMDA receptor, as does alcohol
alcohol intereating with marijuana
blocks anondomide receptor, which blocks the pleasurable effects of alcohol
dehydration, elctroylate inbalance, sleep deprivation, hypoglycemia, irriates lining of stomach
direct effects of alcohol (Hangovers)
congeners, old alcohol, methanol
indirect effects of alcohol (hangovers)
usually found in the darker alcohols
oxidation increases acetadehyde levels
old alcohol
metabolized formaldehyde
what year was the first real link of nicotine to cancer
Rodrego de Jerez was jailed for ____ years for smoking cigarettes in spain
exclusively american
in the 1950s what percent of smokers were male?
80 percent
Currently what percent of smokers are male and female?
42 percent male
35 percent female
Smoking his highest among what age
What is the age range smoking highest among
Smoking is lowest in what area of the U.S.
there is no ____ difference among age groups other than 18-26 for smoking
What percent of smokers are college and non-college students
15 percent college students, 29 percent non college students
Big cities have ____ smoking rates
what are the percentage of whites, hispanics and blacks that smoke?
44 percent whites
30 percent hispanics
and 25 percent blacks
Parents who smoke _____ risk of children smoking, especially when the parent is the _____
increase the risk
the mother
nicotine realses _____ which produces a buzz, and makes it highly addictive
relax, lower anxiety (mostly for women), increase concentration, memory; weight control; increases performance on montoneous tasks, and increases reaction time
subjective effects of nictoine
the younger you are when you start smoking the ____ it is to quit
smoking is ____ among the unemployed
as education goes _____, smoking goes _____
increase, smoking decreases
The decline among men is ____ then the decline among women
there is a _____ relationship between advertising campaigns targeted to specific subgroups of youth and ______ smoking prevalence among those groups
strong relationship, and increased smoking prevalence
You can only market tobacco to adults
Tabacco settlement package
Nicotine is absorbed through most of the body membranes
oral, buccal, nasal mucosa, gastrointestinal tract, and lungs
Nicotine is most readily absorbed through ____, so inhaling is the most efficient way
nicotine is metabolized through the _____
nicotine is primarily eliminated in the ____
nicotine level is the ____ for smoking with a quick _____
sharpest for smoking
with a quick decline
Chewing has a ____ rise in blood level then smoking an stays ____
Less important eliminating ways consist of:
sweat, saliva, milk of laceting women
nictoine level peaks at ____ and declines though your sleep
increases behvaioraly activity, may produce tremors, stimulates vomiting center in brain stem, stiulate release of antidiuretic hormones from hypothalamus, reduces muscle tone by reudcing activity of afferent nerves from muscles, enhances alertness and memory
accute effcts of nicotine and CNS
smokers perception of successfully coping with stress while smoking,
associating smoking with parties, lower body weight
acute psychological affects of nicotine
lung cancer, heart attack, stroke, death
chronic affects of nicotine
the maine constituents of tobacco smoke that damages helath are:
tar, nictoine, and carbon monoxide
This constituent of tobacco really deprives the bodys tissues of oxygen and the brain and heart are espeically vulnerable, bc they depend on aerobic respration
carbon monoxide
this consituent of tobacco is where most of the cancer-cusing substance are found. It is also the material that remains after smoke is passed through a filter.
the amoun tof tar and nicotine delivered in the U.S. brand name cigarttes has ____
any implication that low-yield nicotine and tar cigarettes are less hazardous is deceptive, becuase it is said that ....
there will be increased exposure either by number of cigarettes smoked or by depth of inhalation
That National Cancer Insititue issued a report propsoing that Congress pass a law banning the tobacco industry using terms like...
light, ultra light, and low tar cigarettes
The biggest killer int he U.S. and people who smoke have nearly twice the risk of contracting it than nonsmokers do
heart disease
being in the vicinty of people smoking, is as if you are smoking yourself
passive smoking
bevehavioral and pharmacological are....
smoking cessation strategies
to find out what situations make you at risk of smoking, teach coping responses, and to teach smokers to self-monitor their smoking is all...
behavioral cessation strategies
the majority of people who complete this "stop smoking stragety" resume smoking 6 months to a year later
behavioral cessation stratgies
nicotine gum, nicotine patch, nasal spray, and inhaler.
replacement therapies
men or women have a harder time to quit smoking?