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What are the anticholinergic premedications?
Atropine and glycopyrolate
Difference b/t Atropine and Glycopyrolate
1. Atropine does not cross the BBB, glyco does
2. Atropine works quicker, but does not last as long
3. Glyco is 2-4x more potent, prevents bradycardia without tachycardia
What is the phenothiazine tranquilizer and what are its effects?
Acepromazine: neuroleptic, NO analgesia, sedative, antiarrhytmic, antiemetic
What is the reversal agent for Diazepam(Valium)
List the potenty of opiods from least potent to most potent
morphine,oxy, fentanyl patch
What is the reversal for the opoids
What opiod is a mu agonist, kappa antagonist
What is the reversal agent for the respiratory depression seen with Buprinex?
none, naloxone does not reverse respiratory depression of buprenorphine
What spp is extremely sensitive to xyaline and what dose should be administered
cattle (give 1/10th) the dose, also sheep and goats
what is the reversal agent for xylazine?
yohimbine or tolazoline
What is reversal for detomidine
what is the reversal for medetomidine
what are the ultra short acting barbituates
thiopental, thiamylal, methohexital
what is the short acting barbituates
if given daily in cats, what can be seen with the administration of propofol
heinz body anemia
how do horses respond to propofol
they wake up too fast adn are excitatory
what anesthestic agent is associated with open eyelids after use
What is added to ketamine before use in cats
What local anesthetic is used for nn blocks and IV antiarrhythmias
what local anesthetic is mainly a opthalamic agent
list the order of chronotrophy of the drugs used for arrythmias
isoproterenol, dopamine, dobutamine