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Drug treatment

-Iron toxicity:

-Bone marrow deficiency:

Colony stimulating factors (G-CSF)
Where are the hemoprotien receptors located?

-Act as a sensor for O2
peritubular cells of the kidney
Is there ever free iron in the circulatory system?
Never, always bound
Inadequate diet (animal proteins, ascorbic acids), and alcoholism may result in this deficiency:
Iron deficiency

-Associated with increased risk of infection and developmental delays
Iron dectran, socium ferric gluconate complex, and iron sucrose are given to the patient how?
Parentally, IV/IM

-patients with absorptions syndromes or intolerant to iron preps
Arthralgias, myalgias, flushing malaise
Adverse effects of iron supplement
With what combination must megaloblastic anemia be treated:
B12 + folic acid combo

-treating B12 defic. with only folic acid can mask the symptoms of the deficiency and cause irreversible damage to the patient's neurological system
Hydroxocobalamin is preferred for this type of treatment because it is highly protein bound and remains longer in circulation
Parenteral B12 therapy

-rapid hematological response
What type of treatment/administeration is nascobol?
intranasal cyanocobalamin

-maintencance of B12 defic. disease AFTER controlled by oral or parenteral means
Which deficiency?

Altered bibratory and position sense, memory loss, ataia, swelling of myeloid neurons, demyelination, neural cell death, paresthesia, confusion, and loss of vision coordination
B12 deficiency
Given to pregnant women as prophylaxis to prevent neural tube defects in the fetus
Folic acid supplements
Can cause ?

-Drugs like methotrexate, trimethoprin


-hemolytic anemia

Folic acid deficiency due to increased demand

-Methotrexate and trimethoprin n are dihydrofolate reductase blocking drugs
Mainstay in the management of anemia associated with chronic renal failure
EPO (epoetin)

-requires adequate iron, folic acid, and vitamin B12
EPO is a glycosylated protein produce by the kidneys, which regulates erythrocyte production by stimulating:
Marrow progenitors
Administrating of this drug is effective in treating Anemias of renal failure, AIDS, and Chronic dieseases
Recombinant human EPO
Why is EPO not indicated for patients needing immediate correction of severe anemia?
Need to establlish proper iron, folate, and B12 for EPO to work
Adverse effects of?

Possible thrombosis
Seizures in patients with Pre-existing conditions
Iron deficiency

-Elevated diastolic pressure, increase in peripheral vascular resistance
-Made by endothelial cells, fibroblasts

-Stimulate production of granulocytes

-White blood cell deficiency
Colony stimulating factors

-White blood cell deficiency
Used in the short-term treatment of patients with primary bone marrow deficiencies (following cancer chemotherapy or bone marrow transplantation)
Granulocyte CSF
-Increase total neutrophil counts
-Decreases neutropenia
-Given SubQ or IV
Granulocyte CSF