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Purpose of the AGREE Instrument
Evaluate guidelines
Purpose of Bandolier
Evaluate guidelines. Independent group based out of Oxford.
Purpose of the National Guidelines Clearinghouse
Evaluate guidelines. Contains the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ).
4 sources for clinical guidelines
1. Pubmed
3. Cochrane Collaboration
4. National Institute for Clinical Excellence
Oncology guidelines:
evidence or consensus based-

evidence based
Oncology guidelines:
evidence or consensus based-

both evidence and consensus
Oncology guidelines:
evidence or consensus based-

both evidence and consensus
Oncology guidelines:
evidence or consensus based-

consensus based
What does a forest plot show?
point estimates, sample size, confidence intervals
Test to determine heterogenicity qualitatively
Use a forest plot
Test to determine heterogenicity quantitatively
use Cochran Q or I2 statistic
Limits of cochran Q
can be underpowered or overpowered due to sample size
I2 statistic of 0% represents what?
variability can be explained by chance alone
What is a fixed effect?
Assumes there is one true result. Use when there is no heterogeneity observed.
What is a random effect?
Assumes there is a range of effects. Use when heterogeneity is suspected.
What does a sensitivity analysis do?
makes sense to evaluate the impact of different decisions concerning the analysis. "What happens if we..."
What is CASP used for?
Evaluate a meta-analysis
MeSH databaase is part of what literature search database?
MeSh database allows for a search of ...
Indexing terms (subheadings)
Purpose of funnel plot?
plot effect size against sample size
What is a funnel plot used to assess?
both selection bias and publication bias
HIPAA protected ages are:
<1yr and >90 yr
HIPAA protected geographic
below state level